Labs and Studios - March 21, 2018

Wednesday, March 21, 2018 - 9:00am
AC 147

Labs and Studios Minutes – March 21, 2018

Present: H.Forsyth, E. Searle, J. Joncas, K. Bhatia, A. Diochon, J. Sylvestre, S. Girvin

TIME Commenced:     9:04 AM

1.0   Agenda :  Approved - J. Joncas/J. Sylvestre

2.0   Review of Minutes : January 17, 2018 - Approved

3.0   Inspection Reports:

3.1   Biology – several eye washes not tested weekly, food & drink, emergency contacts need updating, waste not stored properly, extension cords being used, incorrect chemical storage, student handling chemicals without lab coat or gloves, shower not tested, eye wash area cluttered, large bottles containing reagents on top shelf

3.1.1     Committee discussed the testing of eye washes and who is responsible

3.1.2     Biology department to be reminded to test eye washes weekly

3.2   Instrumentation/Science Workshop – unlabelled substance, needs new eye wash tag

4.0            Injury/Incident Reports - None

5.0            Old Business:

5.1   Mechanical Engineering Labs

5.1.1     Waiting for reply Re: Food/Drink in Mechanical Engineering labs – will plan re-inspection to ensure issue is taken care of

5.2   Chemical Waste Pickup

5.2.1     All chemicals picked up in January, next pick up scheduled for summer after CASES move in

5.3   Bill 177 – Stronger, Fairer Ontario Act

5.3.1     S. Girvin advised on “structural inadequacies” and leaking roof is not apart of this. If roof leak leads to roof starting to fall apart – this is considered a structural inadequacy and would need to be reported.

5.4 Contacting Grad Students for New Hire Orientation

5.4.1 H. Forsyth contacted Grad Studies to have them email all unemployed graduate students working in laboratories regarding training requirements, such as New Hire Orientation

5.4.2 Grad Studies happy to help in ensuring graduate students are aware of the training that is needed

6.0   New Business:

6.1   PACI Labs

6.1.1     The two teaching labs are in use again. These areas will need to be added to future inspections.

6.1.2     An inspection was done by H. Forsyth and several issues identified

6.1.3     Issues are currently being corrected, a follow-up inspection will be done

6.2   CB 0043 Noise Complaint

6.2.1     Space is shared by Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering

6.2.2     Climate control chamber is loud, complaint about noise from Mechanical Engineering technician

6.2.3     Equipment is owned by Civil Engineering, but Mechanical Engineering would like to build structure to keep the noise level down

6.2.4     H. Forsyth to contact technician to see if this issue has been dealt with

6.3   WHMIS training and ErPortal Training

6.3.1     H. Forsyth offering training on the WHMIS 2015 changeover requirements as well as the chemical inventory and hazardous waste management system (ErPortal) throughout the next few months

6.3.2     H. Forsyth advised committee members to forward anybody who may need this training to contact her to register

6.3.3     H. Forsyth will send out training dates to the committee to distribute

7.0   Adjournment: 9:28 AM


NEXT MEETING: May 16th 2018