Labs and Studios - December 6, 2017

Wednesday, December 6, 2017 - 9:00am
AC 147

Labs and Studios Minutes – December 6, 2017     

Present: H.Forsyth, B. Liao, S. Girvin, A. Diochon, J. Sylvestre

TIME Commenced:     9:05 AM

1.0   Agenda :  Approved


2.0   Review of Minutes : Send mechanical engineering food and drink email  - Approved


3.0   Inspection Reports:

3.1   Paleo – No issues

3.2   BRI – Improperly labelled/stored waste

3.3   Anthropology – Pipe leaking, shower tests to be done

3.4   LUACF – Need chains for gas cylinders and fire extinguishers need to be checked (TBRRI)

3.4.1     H.Forsyth to contact TBRRI regarding fire extinguisher testing


4.0            Injury/Incident Reports - None


5.0   Old Business:

5.1 Chem Waste Pickup  - To be sent out for quotes this week

5.2 2017 Outstanding Inspections – Only 2 left unscheduled

5.3 2017 Re-Inspections – To be completed this week/next week

       5.3.1 Committee to decide on re-inspection procedure

              At least one person on re-inspection must have been involved in original inspection

              Committee to ensure all A and B issues have been addressed after reply is received


6.0   New Business:

6.1   Lab decommissioning

6.1.1     Inspection of CB0021 happening later today          Substantial chemical waste left behind          Will update committee on inspection results

6.2   Visual arts kiln fire permit

6.2.1     Inspected the kiln – showed committee photo of the kiln

6.2.2     Procedure needs to be approved by fire dept before permit issuing

6.2.3     May have issues as burning can only be done 5 pm – 12 am

6.2.4     Will update committee on results

6.3   Natural gas complaints

6.3.1     H. Forsyth to set up training for security and some JHSC members in 2018

6.3.2     Committee suggests basic protocol to be created based on the training and added to lab safety training

6.3.3     Scratch and sniff cards ordered


7.0   Other Business: None


8.0   Adjournment: 9:50 AM

NEXT MEETING: January 17th 2018