Labs and Studios Minutes – July 2016

Friday, July 22, 2016 - 9:00am
AT 3004

Present:           E. Searle, M. Moore, T. Moore, J. Joncas, K. Bhatia, W. Gao, S. Herchak (Guest – HR), H. Briggs (Guest – Phys Plant)   

TIME Commenced:     9:01 AM

1.0   Agenda : Added two injuries to section 4


2.0   Review of Minutes : Accepted           


3.0   Inspection Report:

3.1   Biology – Obstructed eyewash, unlabeled chemicals, unchained cylinder

3.2   Geology – Eyewash and shower tests not recorded,  MSDS  to be kept in binder

3.3   Visual Arts – Unlabelled chemicals, eyewash test not recorded, food in lab

3.4   Electrical Engineering – Fire extinguisher and phone missing, food and cooking equipment in lab

3.5   Paleo DNA – Biohazardous waste for disposal, many dead flies in light fixtures

3.6   Physics – Pathways obstructed, unlabelled chemicals

3.7   Mechanical Engineering – Hazard signage needs updating.


4.0   Injury Report :

4.1   LUACF – Slip on wet surface following flooding of facility – medical aid sought

4.1.1                                 The committee requests that the facility develop protocols for safe work in the event the facility floods again.

4.2   LUACF  - Unstable materials on shelf dropped on foot, hastily stacked following flood

4.2.1                                 The committee suggests a caution be issued for those workers reorganizing that equipment room

5.0   Old Business:

5.1   Chem Stores Vault Fan – update deferred.


6.0   New Business:

6.1   Bill 132 – (S. Herchak) Some parts of ON Bill-168 coming into force in September, 2016. 

6.1.1    ON BIll-132 (Sexual Harassment in the Workplace) required update to the Lakehead University Harassment and Discrimination Policy and Procedures document.

6.1.2    Bill -132 make changes to the Occupational Health and Safety Act

6.1.3    Human Resources is requesting the Committee review the updated policy and procedures, and provide feedback. 

6.2   Oven Fire – Chem Engineering;

6.2.1 Graduated cylinder used to heat oil in oven. 

6.2.2 Worker suspected cylinder had tipped and been reset – oil was inside oven

6.2.3 A thorough cleaning of the oven was done, but there was a fire in the oven after it was turned back on.  Fire extinguisher was used. Security was notified.

6.2.4 The oven has an enclosed burner, and some material must have been trapped inside.

6.2.5 The committee recommends a drip tray be used with flammable liquids, and a more appropriate vessel used instead of a graduated cylinder

6.3   Certifications – Two more members have completed certification.

6.3.1 Any new certifications will follow the revised MOL schedule, with three year recertification required.

6.4   Asbestos Committee – (H. Briggs)

6.4.1  A third-party audit of the asbestos program was commissioned by the President of Lakehead University

6.4.2 Recommendations from the audit:                        (1) Test whether settled dust contains asbestos in buildings with spray fireproofing                        Samples to be tested at an accredited lab, and any positive samples to be retested by second lab.                        Tests are to be at least three samples per HVAC zone                        (2) Air testing is to be done with at least one sample per HVAC zone

6.4.3 Physical Plant requests two worker members from JOHSC – Labs and Studios to sit on the sample collection committee.

6.4.4 Committee is expected to meet by end of August, 2016.  Testing to be done during the academic year.


6.5   WHMIS 2015

6.5.1          Now Live on D2L

6.5.2          Prior self-enrolment required for Health & Safety Course

6.5.3          A Certificate and mark will be generated upon completion. 

6.5.4          December 1, 2018 is the Global Harmonized System (GHS) compliance date     Move to SDS (Safety Data Sheets) with a standard global format – found now     New GHS labels and symbols     New Hazard Phrases     Specific Label Format

6.5.5          Workers must still complete Annual WHMIS Refresher Quiz in addition to WHMIS 2015     Both types and labels and symbols will be common until after the transition time.

6.6   Field work Training Documents

6.6.1          T. Moore developing materials for New Hires in September

6.6.2          Current laboratory and office training is not appropriate for field work hazards.


7.0   Other Business: Floor tiles in CB0010 still outstanding

8.0   Next Inspections: August 3rd, 2016.  RSVP


9.0   Adjournment:  10:15 AM