Retail and Physical Support Service

Thursday, August 11, 2016 - 9:00am
AV Physical Plant Meeting Room

Present: Mike Davis, Brenda Rojik, Hugh Briggs, Ursula MacDonald, Frank Fabiano, Steve Girvin


Regrets:  Brian Cox, Rob McCluskey, Stan Nemec, Fred Plank,



OLD Business:


            A.  Steve reported that the floor in the Power house is breaking.  There are no vehicles allowed inside. The area is cornered off with signs advising of the danger, until such time as a decision is made how the floor will be fixed. Jan.21, 2016 Steve advised that this project will be put on a list of capital projects for the 2016-2017 fiscal year.


            B.  Matt advised that at times radios do not work in PACI especially in the basement/chiller room.

            One way to address this problem is to install a hard wired phone.  Steve will put in a work order in to have a phone installed in this area.


            April 21, 2016 – a phone has been installed in this location. A discussion was held and Fred advised that the issue with the radios will continue in certain areas.  The radio system is older and it will require a significant amount of money to purchases a new system.  Steve advised that many of his staff have started carrying cell phones.  Steve will speak with Hugh to develop a communications strategy, perhaps the way to deal with this issue are cell phones.


            C.  Hugh advised of the following projects;


One stop initiative – the first priority to move all current occupants to allow for asbestos abatement in the area.


July 21, 2016 update – the current occupants have now been moved and the asbestos abatement is underway.


            D.  Hugh advised that a list from the 2015 asbestos audit will be complied in the next             month or so.  This list identifies areas with highest priority for asbestos abatement.  Any             work from this list will start in the new fiscal year (May 01, 2016.)

            July 21, 2016 update- the 2016 audit is on underway, the physical examination of the             campus has begun.




E.  The Asbestos Management program at Lakehead University is under review. An external consultant has been hired.  The consultant has visited the campus and will write his report based on information gathered.  This review was initiated by the Office of the President and as such it will be shared with the Senate and all other parties involved.  The consultant hired to undertake this work is Pinchin Environmental.  April 21 – Steve advised that the report is completed and it is with Sr. management for a review.


F.  Ursula reminded everyone that a while ago she send a copy Terms of Reference for the Committee. She has requested that members of the Committee please read the document before the next meeting so that we can review them and update as needed.  June 21, 2016 –the Committee has requested that Ursula review the document and then advise of the need changes at the next JHSC meeting. 

July 21, 2016 update – Ursula will ask the Committee once again for comments, if no comments are received by next meeting the Terms will be posted with the new changes.


G.  Steve also spoke about the new hearing protection regulation. Ursula will look into this further to see how it effects LU and we can discuss it at the next meeting. The changes come into effect July 01, 2016.  Will discuss it further at the next meeting when all members of the Committee are present.


H.        Rob has been tasked with requesting IUOE to elect another member for the JHSC

committee now that Matt has left the University.


I.   Hugh spoke about taking dust samples to test for asbestos content in CB, UC and Ryan

Building. As part of review undertaken by Pinchen the University will test various locations for

asbestos content in settled dust.  Hugh would like 2 members from each JHSC committee to

volunteer to be a part of sub-committee which will then make recommendations on locations for

testing.  Pinchn has on recommended testing at least 3 areas per each air handling

unit. Members interested in being on the sub-committee please contact Ursula.

July 21, 2016 update – all Committees have now selected members who will be part of this sub-

Committee and Hugh will schedule a meeting of this group very soon.


3.  Shipping and Receiving employees have requested an undate in regards to the

unevern/broken surface in front of the Shipping and Receiving area. Because the area is

uneven/broken it creates a tipping hazard for the forklift and the use of the forklift in this area has

been stopped until such time, as the area is fixed. Hugh advised that Physical Plant

management were in the process of obtaining prices and the expectation is that the area will be

fixed this summer.

July 21, 2016 – work on this will begin very soon.


Injury Report;


No injuries to report this period


Near Misses:


Nothing to report




Inspections Outstanding;

  • Forestry Garage
  • University Centre (Rob & Mike)
  • Residence (Brian & Ursula & hskp employee on days)
  • 874 Tungsten St



New Business:


1.  The renovations on the Library’s ground floor continues.  The contractor used what was

determined later as lacquer spraying it so that it would keep chalk lines in place, the lacquer had

a strong odour causing the employees on the 1st floor discomfort, including headaches and

nausea.  A member of the health and safety committee discovered that it was the lacquer

causing the problem and directed the contractor to stop using it immediately.


Hugh wanted to remind the Committee that no one should be accessing an active construction 

zone without the assistance of physical plant.  Ursula also wanted to remind everyone that

Security and Health and Safety should be contacted as soon as possible so they to try to provide

some assistance.


2.  Brenda asked about vents in a bathroom where the housekeeping were asked to clean the

vents and she wanted to know if it was safe for them to do so.  Steve explained that they were

asked to vacuum the vents and not go into them.  Hugh advised that if employees are in anyway

concerned about a task they are asked to complete, to always speak to the supervisor.





Meeting adjourned at 10:50 a.m.


NEXT MEETING:    Thursday, September 15, 2016 in Avila – Physical Plant meeting room at

9:00 a.m.