Office and Classrooms Minutes - August 20, 2015

Thursday, August 20, 2015 - 10:30am
Human Resources Board Room


Employee Members Management Members
Cindy Haggerty (COPE) Shanon Arnold (Schedule II)
Sue Viitala (Schedule II) Leslie Malcolm (Schedule II)

Faculty Members
Dr. Deli Li

Ursula MacDonald (Ex-Officio member)



Ursula welcomed our new members.

1. Outstanding Business

• Ursula welcomed the following new members to our committee: Leslie Malcolm
(Schedule II Management); Dr. Deli Li, Faculty rep.

• Shanon Arnold volunteered for the position of Chair of the Committee

2. Inspections

• Regional centre; UC (except for basement as could not get access)
• Possible inspections next Friday, August 28th, 2015
• Next inspections for: Avila; ATAC; Fieldhouse; Centennial for winter break
• During inspections, we look for the following: electrical outlets; plugs; missing covers;
extension cords; power boxes (wooden); clean-up cables; ceiling tiles; broken cables, ie. live wires.

3. Injury and Accident Reports

A geology technician hurt knee at work; leaned on chair with wheels and fell.
May - nothing
No office injuries since June 2015
Ergonomic requests are ongoing; Ursula gets regular requests for new assessments;
Peter Watson is still doing them with approximately 30 per year. Assessments are
encouraged to avoid potential workplace injuries.

4. New Business/Open Discussion

1. Asbestos: Shanon said the asbestos report for 2015 will be ready in a month or so.
Inspections are ongoing. They are looking for asbestos you can see rather than being
invasive or destructive. The current removals were based on 2014 work. Once these
inspections are completed, they will tell you how to proceed and what to fix. People tend
to get "excited" when asbestos is mentioned and there have been several presentations
to the university community to answer any questions. Any concerns related to asbestos
should be directed to Ursula or Shanon.

2. Squirrel: The squirrel issue has been resolved. The holes have been plugged and it is
advisable to place food in containers outside of offices. This will discourage whatever
might be lurking in dark corners.

3. Training: Cindy asked a question as to where safety notices and updates were noted.
Green books are attached to all bulletin boards, ex. behind glass at Switchboard and
across from Security. It would be worth checking for them during inspections. They are
replaced as updates occur. The minutes are posted on the Heath and Safety website
along with everything else. Changes in legislation are emailed out to those who are
affected. Training should be completed by November.

Next meeting: November, 2015
Time: TBA in HR meeting room
Human Resources Meeting Room