Personal Security

If you witness a crime or are a victim of crime:

  • Call 8-911 immediately.
  • State your name, your current location & your current telephone number.
  • State briefly but clearly what you have observed or why you are calling.
  • Identify when and where you witnessed the crime or were the victim of a crime.
  • Stay on the line until Security Services arrives, unless exposed to danger or asked to hang up.

Call 8-911 immediately, when a threat is received by telephone, fax, note, e-mail or in person. Refer to "Bomb Threats" and record applicable information on the "Record of Threat".

Terminating a Negative (Disruptive, Threatening or Abusive) Interaction:

  • Interrupt the conversation firmly but politely. Tell the person that you do not like the tone of the conversation and that you will end the conversation if necessary.
  • If the behaviour persists, end the conversation, and ask the person to leave the room/office.
  • If the person will not leave, leave yourself.
  • Call 8-911.

In dealing with persistent disruptive or threatening behaviour in group settings, adjourn briefly
and call 8-911.

Should you feel threatened, contact your Supervisor and/or Security Services at 8569 or 8911. Responding to a Physical Attack

  • Make a scene, yell or scream as loudly as possible. Try shouting words like STOP, FIRE or HELP.
  • If you are being pulled along or dragged, fall to the ground and roll.
  • If you have a whistle or a personal alarm, use it.
  • Give bystanders specific instructions to help you. Single someone out and send them for help. eg. "You in the yellow shirt, call Security."
  • If someone grabs your purse, briefcase, deposit bag or other belongings, DO NOT resist.
  • Run in the opposite direction, yelling "HELP" or "FIRE".
  • From the nearest safe place, call 8-911.
  • Look for the "blue light", indicating the location of an emergency telephone.

Responding to a Robbery

  • Remain calm.
  • Listen carefully to what the robber says, and obey him or her.
  • Ask the robber for clarification if needed.
  • Speak only in response to the robber. DO NOT volunteer any information.
  • If you must reach for something or move in any way, ask the robber for permission to do so.
  • Immediately after the robber has left, lock the door and call 8-911.

Working Alone:

  • If you can avoid working alone, do so.
  • If you must work alone, obtain your supervisor's permission and follow your departmental policy.
  • During normal business hours, if you must work alone in a remote or isolated area, ensure that your supervisor knows where you are. Establish a "check-in schedule": you will check-in and someone will follow-up at regular intervals.
  • Outside normal business hours, ALWAYS check in with Security first, and establish a "check-in schedule".
  • Outside normal business hours, avoid working alone if you are handling hazardous chemicals or operating hazardous equipment.

Walking Safety:

  • Plan your route. Know exactly where you are going.
  • Wear comfortable, flat shoes, such as running shoes.
  • Scan your route: be observant.
  • Walk with confidence: keep your head up. Look around and directly at people to assess them, but do not stare.
  • Stay on well-lit sidewalks, pathways and parking lots. Avoid bushes, doorways, alleys and parked cars. Cross the road if someone makes you uncomfortable.
  • Use main entrances. Avoid rear or secluded entrances.
  • If you know that you are being followed, walk directly and quickly, without running or looking back, to a safe place.
  • Call 8-911.

Parking Lot Safety

  • Park near the building in a highly visible and well-lit area.
  • Don't leave valuables in your car.
  • Be prepared when you leave the building or your vehicle: have your vehicle or building keys handy.
  • Have the correct (vehicle) key in your hand as you approach your vehicle.
  • Check in and around your vehicle before you get in. Ensure all doors are locked and windows are up.
  • If someone is loitering near your vehicle, avoid them. Walk to a safe place and call 8-911.
  • Security escorts are also available 24 hours per day. Call 8569.

For short-term parking after dark, try the Agora area. There are clear sight-lines between these parking spots and the main University Centre entrance.

Security Services: Just a phone call away!

Non-emergency assistance,
including escort 8569
Keep In Touch K.I.T. 8569
Non-emergency Reporting 8569

Emergency Assistance 8-911