Technology Enabled Classrooms

** All classrooms in the Advanced Technology and Academic Centre (ATAC) are equipped with multi-media podiums, complete with fixed and wireless microphones as well as Crestron touch panels. **

The touch panel enables the instructor to activate a variety of teaching tools with a touch of a finger. Furthermore each classroom boasts an in-room PC with a flat panel monitor, two USB ports, CD-ROM and floppy drives, Internet connects, IP telephone with speaker, laptop dock (video, audio, Internet and power), VCR player, DVD player, and document camera.

Individual network ports have been installed in the classrooms for student connectivity. The teaching labs in the ATAC are outfitted with instructor PC’s and multimedia equipment as well.

Video Conferencing and teleconferencing technology is available in the three (3) large theatres as well as in six of the designated V/C rooms. A total of twelve rooms (12) in the ATAC are available for video streaming with three (3) other rooms on campus residing in the Nursing building and Regional Centre.

 If you would like more information, please see our teleconferencing page at TSC Multimedia teleconferencing.

General Classroom Details

All computer classrooms on both Campuses are networked. The computers in these rooms have a full range of Internet services including E-mail, web browsers, terminal emulation, FTP etc.

They are also equipped with the appropriate applications such as word processors, spreadsheets, database programs, statistical analysis software, compilers and special purpose software. General student computer labs on both campuses are also available.

These general student labs are never used as instruction facilities, as they are dedicated for student use at all times.

For more on lab imaging, please see our lab imaging page at  TSC lab imaging.

Student accounts are created automatically from student registration information. A Lakehead Webmail account is also set up for every student at this time.

Lakehead’s e-mail service is provided by Google as part of a new partnership developed in November of 2006. The e-mail accounts are never deleted and may be used by students as a personal account after graduation.