Siblingship Testing

Genetic tests can identify if two people are related. Siblingship tests can identify brothers, sisters and other relationships. This type of Siblingship testing is performed for those who wish to determine if they are full siblings, with both of their parents being the same, or where they suspect they are just half siblings, where they share only one common parent.

Siblingship testing involves the collection of loose DNA cells from the inside of the cheek using a buccal swab. This is a painless procedure that can be easily administered on infants as well as adults. The DNA samples are then analyzed and produce the donor's genetic profile. If the siblings have the same mother and father, they should have 50% of their mother's chromosomes and 50% of their father's. Therefore, if two people are full siblings, 50% of the genes which are examined should be identical. If two people are half siblings, 25% of their genes should be identical. During a siblingship test, we examine 21 different genetic markers. The number of shared genes is analyzed and a sibling or kinship index is calculated. The kinship index indicates the probability that the two test subjects are or are not related. In cases wherever possible, DNA samples from one or more of the sibling's common parents should be obtained and tested which would provide a more conclusive result in determining siblingship.

Fast & Convenient

Our self-administered buccal swab sample collection kit can be mailed to your home and after the samples are collected and returned to our lab for analysis, results can usually be obtained within 10 days.


All tests must be pre-paid in advance and included with the return of the samples to our laboratory. We accept Visa, MasterCard, certified cheque and money orders.

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