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The Lakehead University Paleo-DNA Laboratory is a world class facility which serves researchers and students from various faculties, providing access to the essential equipment needed for ancient and modern DNA research, analysis and training.

The Lakehead University Paleo-DNA Laboratory (or PDNA) is just one component of a comprehensive research infrastructure at Lakehead University.  The Laboratory houses more than 1.5 million dollars worth of state-of-the-art equipment.  This highly specialized instrumentation, which is maintained in first-class condition, is accessible to all members of the University community including undergraduate and graduate students under staff supervision.

The PDNA is ideal for training graduate students in the latest, marketable technologies and our Senior Analysts play a critical role in student instruction.  The analysts provide the assurance that the instrument is generating accurate data while the student controls the operation of the equipment.

The usage of these valuable research facilities are maximized by ensuring that the Laboratory is in constant use by a variety of academic departments, undergraduate projects and labs, graduate training and thesis work as well as academic research.

The PDNA occupies most of the third floor in the 1294 Balmoral Building.  It has ample power, water, ventilation and climate control for protection and optimal operation of sensitive instrumentation.  The majority of the equipment is supported by a back-up generator to ensure continued operation in the event of a power failure.

The Paleo-DNA Laboratory is a member of LUCAS (Lakehead University Centre for Analytical Services) and provides accessibility to Visiting Researchers from other institutions or facilities to the laboratory for a fee.  Interested users may visit the laboratory to discuss potential projects or consult with staff by phone.  Proprietary information will be kept strictly confidential.

The Paleo-DNA Laboratory is also involved in providing external services to organizations such as the police, military, hospitals and private individuals seeking paternity and molecular services.  We provide human DNA identification services for mitochondrial DNA, STR and y-STR samples in our laboratory.  All proceeds from Paleo-DNA Laboratory services are used for the non-profit activities of research and teaching at Lakehead University.