Canine DNA Testing

Dogs have allergies too! 

The Paleo-DNA Laboratory now has kits available to test your dog's allergies. This test kit will use the proteins in yourImage of Allergy Test My Pet kit dog's sample to determine intolerance and sensitivity to around 100 common allergens. Note, this is not a true allergy test but rather a test for intolerance and sensitivity. Kits are $108.00 plus tax. 

Who's Your Doggy?

A picture of a canine breed identification kit from DNA My Dog

The Lakehead University Paleo-DNA Laboratory is pleased to offer Canine DNA Testing through a partnership with DNA My Dog. Kits for this easy and painless cheek swab DNA test are now available at our facility. Testing for a dog's breeds can give insights into its breed heritage such as personality traits, exercise levels, and predispositions for certain diseases so you can become proactive in your dog's health. Results are ready in 2 weeks and include a custom certificate and Breed Heritage report including a percentage breakdown of each breed found in your dog.

Pick up a kit today for $69.03 plus tax and find out more about your favourite companion.

Who Was Your Doggy?

If your beloved dog has passed away, we can still help you learn his breed makeup. DNA My Dog offers Deceased Dog DNA Breed Testing. We work with DNA My Dog to extract DNA from items and DNA My Dog runs it through their database to find the breeds. Visit DNA My Dog for more information.