Time Management

For many students 'managing' time is something they struggle with. They often will have deadlines weeks or months away for when a paper or project is due. But, what most of these students don't realize is that there is much preparation and research before a paper is written. And, during that time there are other classes and assignments that will come up.

The balance of school, social and a part time job (in many cases) is difficult at best. But, using the appropriate school resources (such as the Student Sucess Centre) will help. As far as working a part time job, it is recommended that 8-12 hours be the maximum amount of hours worked in a week. While some students thrive on being very busy and others can not handle the pressure, this is a guideline. Your student will certainly figure out soon enough what (s)he can handle.

What you can do to help

  • Acknowledge any fears or feelings of panic
  • Ask question that may help them to solve the situation themselves

What may not help

  • Lecturing him/her that if they don't get organized soon, they will fail
  • Assuming that they are in this situation because they are away at university