Alcohol Abuse

Underage drinking and alcohol abuse is an issue on many university campuses. At Lakehead, we do not permit or condone underage drinking. If we suspect that you son or daughter might have a problem with drinking, we will send them for a consultation with a professional substance abuse counselor. If your son or daughter drinks under age, there will be disciplinary action, regardless of whether or not you allow them to consume alcohol, or if they are of legal drinking age at home.

What you can do to help

  • If you think your child has a drinking problem, confront him/her about it. Let them know that you take this seriously and that you are concerned
  • Allow them to experience the consequences of their behaviour
  • Ask your child if they need help
  • Suggest that he/she see a counselor on campus and/or attend an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting
  • Let him/her know you love him/her and will support them in getting the needed help
  • Be a good role model when it comes to drinking. If you abuse alcohol or condone its abuse, your child may too

What may not help

  • Blaming, threatening and punishing
  • Ignoring destructive drinking behaviour
  • Assuming that this is just a phase that all university students go through