Academic Pressures

A student can run into serious academic troubles if they do not get off on the right track. Within just a few weeks, many courses are running along quite quickly and without a teacher overlooking everything they are doing (as is often the case in high school) and a student can fall behind. For many students, they have performed well academically all throughout school. Now, it is B's, C's and D's and not A's. If and when you receive a call from your son or daughter about how they are overwhelmed, listen to and love them. That is mainly what they want to hear. They are not necessarily looking for answers; they just want to know that you are there to talk to. Once a study schedule is created and followed, most of these academic problems will be solved.

What you can do to help

  • Ask questions that may help him or her come up with a solution
  • Ask if a follow-up call would be helpful in a day or so
  • Remind yourself that this is a natural part of the adjustment process
  • Have confidence in your child's ability to cope, and let them know that
  • Call a friend with a university-aged child as it helps to talk to someone who is going through similar experience

What may not help

  • Solving the problem for your child
  • Offering advice before you have finished listening to the emotional issues
  • Assuming that a poor grade means your student will not be successful