Final Exams

The onset of final exams represents the culmination of a year of hard work and academic pressure. For some students, it is a relief to be finishing their first year of university and they are looking forward to writing exams so that they can pack up and get home.

Recommend that your student take advantage of the study resources available in residence and on campus. Throughout the year, there are many workshops that are being offered on study skills, writing multiple-choice exams, time management and more.

This is not the time to blame your child if his/her good study habits are not solid. By now your student knows this, and they are likely under a lot of stress. You may want to reassure your son/daughter of how they have successfully handled challenges in the past, and encourage them.

What you can do to help

  • encourage your student
  • recommend that they attend any study groups or sessions
  • call your student at a prearranged time to talk to them

What may not help

  • Blaming them for not studying
  • Getting mad at them for not doing well on exams
  • Threatening them with taking away privileges if they do not succeed academically