Coming Home for the Holidays

Often parents are shocked at the person showing up at the door for the winter holidays. It certainly may sound like your son/daughter but they may not look the same. But don't worry, this is quite common and is often part of the university experience. The new hair colour or hair style is a way of differentiating between their new and their old self.

Your child may also be involved in new organizations, are taking up new sports or hobbies, or are not interested in some of the ones they were a part of in high school. All of this is a way for your student to figure out their own identity. This is a part of their development, and is not only common, but natural.

What you can do to help

  • Let them know that it upsets you, but listen to their reasoning
  • Remember that this is a healthy process for your child. It doesn't have to do with the way you raised your son/daughter, or that it's because they are away at school

What may not help

  • Continuous fighting or judging over the issue
  • Assuming that it is a phase, or that it is permanent