Social Pressures

The pressures felt by university students are incredible, even for the most outgoing of students. They are literally starting all over. There are new friends, a new city, a new school and all of this without their friends and family close by. For many who live in Residence, their housemates will become their closest friends. In just a matter of days new relationships are formed and while old friends are still there, it is their new ones that they are embarking on the university experience with.

But, not everyone can be so quick to meet new friends. However, what is so great about living in Residence at Lakehead, is that most students are in the same situation. Most are from more than a few hours drive away. Also, in university you can become whoever you want to become, and chances are if you interested in a certain band, club, sport or whatever, someone else is too. While it is challenging to meet new friends, most will settle into some group before classes even start.

What you can do to help

  • Listen to your student's feelings and let them know you sympathize with their loneliness
  • Tell them that you understand how difficult it is to make new friends
  • Suggest that they look into joining a club or activity so that they can meet other students with similar interests

What may not help

  • Letting your student know that you are worried about them
  • Bringing them home on weekends regularly