Financial Obligations

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Lakehead University Fees Policy

The Board of Governors sets all Lakehead University fees and reserves the right to modify published Fees and the regulations governing refunds without advance notice. By the action of registration all students become bound by the policies and regulations of Lakehead University. All students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with student financial information.

It is the policy of Lakehead University that payments for tuition, ancillary fees and other charges as outlined in the Schedule of Academic Fees be received according to the Fee Payment Deadlines. Registration is not considered complete until the tuition and ancillary fees are paid. Default of fees may result in a student's registration being cancelled. In addition, students with amounts owing to the University will not be permitted to register in future sessions, receive their degree certificate, receive a transcript, or record of academic progress.


It is the student's responsibility to:
  1. Familiarize themself with the financial and academic regulations of the University (e.g. Schedule of Academic Fees, Refund PoliciesAcademic Calendar, etc.), review their Student Account, and report any discrepancies or concerns.
  2. Notify Enrolment Services, and Accounts Receivable, in writing, or by using myInfo, of any change to his/her Registration status: i.e. dropping, adding and/or withdrawing from courses. 
    1. All charges and outstanding fees accrued to the date of notification will remain due and payable on the student's account. The partial or total reimbursement of tuition fees depends on the official date of withdrawal as registered on the student's file.

  3. Regularly view the status of their Student Account on myInfo
  4. Monitor their Lakehead University e-mail account for all University correspondence (myEmail)


The University reserves the right to cancel a student's registration if the required fees are not paid according to the payment deadline dates.

All charges and outstanding fees accrued to the date of cancellation will remain due and payable on the student's account as defined in the Refund Schedule.


Students who register after the published fee payment deadline dates should be prepared to pay their fees within 2 business days to avoid late payment fees. 


Students with an unpaid balance will not be permitted to register in a subsequent term until their accounts have been paid in full. Students will not have access to final grades including official transcripts and/or degree/diploma certificates. The University uses the services of outside collection agencies and reserves the right to use any legal means to reclaim monies owing.

If your account has previously been in a delinquent status, full payment for future courses may be required prior to registration.


Undergraduate students with permanent, documented disabilities, who are considered full time but, require a reduced course load as a learning accommodation, are exempted from paying tuition fees on a full time flat fee basis.  Students with these circumstances, who are registered for a course load of 4.0 or 4.5 FCEs, should identify themselves to Student Accessibility Services Centre to have their tuition fees adjusted. Please note that regular compulsory ancillary fees still apply.

Graduate students with permanent, documented disabilities, should pay the normal full time term fees as listed in the Schedule of Academic Fees. If additional terms (time extensions) are required as a learning accommodation, students should identify themselves to Student Accessibility Services Centre, to have their tuition fees adjusted. Please note that regular compulsory ancillary fees still apply.


Lakehead University can assist students in a variety of ways, including the assessment of financial appeals. Please review the information below to ensure you address your issue with the correct department.

Acceptable Reasons:

You may submit a financial appeal if you experience a serious documented medical illness or a death of an immediate family member that causes you to drop courses. Some consideration may be given for other life crises outside of a students control. However, supporting documentation must be included. To submit your appeal, please see the instructions listed below.

Financial appeals are granted at the discretion of the Financial Services Unit of Lakehead University and will be considered for a period of one year after the occurrence of the illness or death.

Unacceptable Reasons:
Being Unaware of the University Policies and Regulations
By the action of registration you become bound by the policies and regulations of Lakehead University. All students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with this information.
Being Unaware of the Academic versus Financial Drop Deadlines
Financial deadlines are different than academic deadlines associated with dropping a course. Therefore, not meeting deadlines such as grade deadlines are not grounds for a financial appeal.
Not Attending Classes
Simply not attending classes or failing to drop unwanted courses are not sufficient grounds for a financial appeal. You must also be aware that there are financial penalties for dropping courses after the start of classes (see the Refund Policy & Schedules). You are responsible for the full fee for any courses added to your record, regardless of when in the term you added them.
Financial Difficulties
If you begin to experience difficulty keeping your student account in good standing, it is advised that you contact Student Awards and Financial Aid Office to discuss the financial resources available to you. You may e-mail them at:
Graduate Student Finishing Early in the Final Term
Aside from withdrawal from the program, Masters & PhD Students must register and pay per term, until graduation. Accordingly, there is no adjustment of fees for early completion within the last term of study.
Temporary Grading Scheme Year-Long 2019/20 and Winter Term 2020 Courses

In light of the COVID-19 global health pandemic, Lakehead University has implemented a temporary change to the numeric grading scheme in recognition of the impact on student learning for Year-Long 2019/20 and Winter 2020 courses

Please note that the selection of PCR, FNC and Late Withdrawal W revisions do not allow for a tuition adjustment

How to Submit A Financial Appeal:

1. Drop the course(s) for which you are requesting a credit/refund

2. Draft a brief letter explaining your circumstances:

  • Include relevant dates
  • Include supporting documentation (e.g. email from department chairs, physician's note, etc.)

3. Complete the form: Financial Appeal Guidelines & Form

4. Submit your letter, all supporting documentation, and your appeal form to with the subject line: "Financial Appeal".

NOTE: Incomplete appeals will not be reviewed until all appeal form requirements and supporting documentation have been submitted.

5. You will be notified by email in 6 to 8 weeks of the outcome of your appeal

Who is on the Financial Appeals Committee?
Financial Appeals Committee Members and Impartiality

The Financial Appeals Committee is composed of three members: Associate Vice-President, Financial Services, Manager, Accounts Receivable & Student Financial Services, and the Assistant Manager, AR & Graduate Officer. 

The issues of fairness and impartiality of the Financial Appeal Committee are considered crucial. Therefore, a member of the Committee will be excluded from a particular appeal discussion when they feel that, in the circumstances, they are not sufficiently objective to evaluate the appeal, they have any emotional or financial interest in the outcome of the appeal, or they have any affiliation with either party of such a nature or proximity as to give the appearance of partiality or bias.