Student Sponsorships

A student whose fees are to be paid by a government, employer, or third party agency, on receipt of an invoice from Lakehead University, must provide written authorization from the agency (Sponsorship Letter).

The Sponsorship Letter must be on the agency's letterhead, and must include the following:

  • Name and Lakehead University Student ID number
  • Duration of Sponsorship (i.e. 2021-2022 Fall/Winter, 2022 Spring/Summer)
  • Items Covered (e.g. Tuition, Student Fees, Residence, Medical/Dental Insurance, Bus Fees, UHIP, etc.)
  • Maximum Coverage (if applicable)
  • Exclusions (if applicable)
  • Sponsoring Agency Contact Name and Email Address

The letter must be received by the relevant Payment Due Date and can be faxed or e-mailed to the Accounts Receivable Office:


Domestic Sponsorships: Jennifer Caren, Accounts Officer sponsor.accounts@lakeheadu.ca

International Sponsorships: Chris Gallinger, International Accounts Officer sponsor.accounts@lakeheadu.ca

Fax: (807) 343-8947

Letters received after the payment deadline will result in a $105 late payment fee on the student's account.

Sponsored for Books?

Please note that a separate letter of authorization to invoice (Sponsorship Letter) for the payment of books should be emailed or faxed to the Lakehead University Bookstore.  Email: bookstr@lakeheadu.ca  Fax: (807) 343-8158

Sponsored Student Obligations

All sponsored students are expected to familiarize themselves with the financial and academic policies of the university. It is also the student's responsibility to ensure that their agency has submitted a Sponsorships Letter by the Payment Due Date.

Letters received after the payment due date will result in a $105 late payment fee on the student account.

Please note that all costs not covered by the Sponsor are expected to paid by the student and received by the Accounts Receivable Office on or before the payment due date. This may include, but is not limited to the LUSU Health and Dental Plan.

LUSU Health and Dental Plan

The LUSU Medical/Dental Insurance is effective September 1 for the 12 months ending August 31. All full-time undergraduate students who have registered in 3.75 or more FCEs for the Fall-Winter session, by the last day to register in September, are automatically assessed this mandatory fee.

Please check with your funding agency to confirm whether they will cover the additional insurance or if a waiver will be applied. If your funding agency does not cover the cost of additional insurance it is your responsibility to pay the fee.

Should a student have comparable coverage and choose to opt-out they may do so by applying at WeSpeakStudent.com (select Lakehead University). The opt-out period opens on August 1st, and closes September 30th. Please note that whether you opt-out or not, the fee will remain on the student account and must be paid.

Students sponsored by funding agencies with waivers will not have to opt out of the insurance and will not have to pay the fee on their student account.

Please forward any questions about the LUSU Medical/Dental plan to:

Leigh Castle at healthbenefits@lusu.ca.
For more information about LUSU Services go to www.lusu.ca

If a sponsor cancels or withdraws their authorization to invoice, all costs will be transferred back to the student and will be due according to the published payment due dates.

Students who have not arranged for payment of their account by the last day to register in September, will be subject to having their registration cancelled.

Sponsoring Agency Obligations

The sponsoring agency must submit an authorization to invoice (Sponsorship Letter) on their company letterhead and submit it via fax or e-mail as outlined above.

Payment must be made upon receipt of the invoice. If payment is not received within the academic term that the invoice pertains to, sponsorship letters for future terms may not be accepted until the account is paid in full

Tuition estimates/fee information can be found on the Fees Information page on our website in the Schedule of Academic Fees.

Payment Methods:

  • Electronic Transfer (bank details available upon request)
  • Cheque (payable to Lakehead University)

All payments must include the Sponsor Bill numbers in order to be allocated properly.

Sponsor Refund Policy

Sponsors are only refunded if there is a credit balance on the Sponsor Account. For Sponsors who cover multiple students, refunds are not issued on a per student basis. Instead, credits from one student will first off-set any outstanding balance on the account. Once full payment is received for an outstanding term(s), all credits will be refunded to the sponsor.