Overview of Co-op Process

Stage One: Application Process

Step One (Eligibility)- Check your eligibility for a co-op work term. To do so, review your program co-op page on the Academic Calendar. Or check the Co-op Eligibility Guide and Work Term Sequence Chart.

Step Two (Application Process)- Log into mysuccess.lakeheadu.ca to complete the Co-op Work Term Application form. All eligible applicants will be charged a $30 application fee to their account after the application deadline has passed. All late applications will be charged an additional $50 late fee, for a total of an $80 application fee. Late applications are considered at the discretion of the Employer Relations & Co-op Advisor and Faculty Advisor. Detailed information about the Co-op Work Term Application process can be found here: How to Apply to Co-op

Step Three (Mandatory Co-op Prep Course) - As part of the co-op work term application process, students are required to complete a mandatory 4-week Co-op Prep Course on D2L. This must be completed before a student can commence their job search. Information will be sent from the Employer Relations & Co-op Advisor once the application deadline passes. 

Step Four (Work Term Approval) - All eligible applications will then be reviewed by program Faculty Advisors. All students will be notified via email of their approval status by the Employer Relations & Co-op Advisor

Stage Two: Job Search and Work Term Preparation

Step One (Job Searching) - Once you have completed the co-op prep course and have been approved by faculty, you may officially begin job searching. All co-op students are responsible for finding their own positions, but the Co-op Office offers many supports and assistance for students. 

  • Co-op Job Bank on mySuccess

  • Emailed jobs from various companies

  • Co-op jobs spreadsheet - updated weekly

  • One on one appointments regarding job searching

  • Attending information sessions from employers and career fairs to network

  • Taking advantage of Career Zone programming

It is important to note that all co-op jobs must be approved before accepting a job offer. Students must send me a copy of the job description once they receive an interview offer. The Employer Relations & Co-op Advisor will then send the job description to the faculty advisor for approval via email. 

Step Two (Work Term Registration) - Once you have accepted a co-op position, you will be registered for a co-op work term. A copy of your employment contract must be provided to the Employer Relations & Co-op Advisor in order to be registered for a work term.

Step Three (Paying Co-op Fee) - Once registered for a work term, you are required to pay the Co-op Participation Fee. You are required to check your student account daily after registration and to pay the participation fees. For more details about the Co-op Participation Fees, visit the Schedule of Fees Services webpage HERE.

Stage Three: Work Term Completion 

Step One (Confirmation of Employment) - Once you have begun a co-op work term, you are required to submit a Confirmation of Employment form. This must be returned within two weeks to the Co-op Officer, as it details important information about your employment, contact details, etc.

Step Two (Monitor Appointment) - Every work term, all employed students are required to participate in a co-op monitor appointment, which is designed to check on student progress, and to discuss any issues. The monitor appointment will take place via Zoom unless otherwise requested. Monitor appointments take place with the student, employer, and a member of the co-op office team.

Step Three (Report and Evaluation) - In order to receive a pass/fail grade for a co-op work term, all employed students are required to submit a work term report and evaluation. The number of reports and evaluations for submission depends on the program. Faculty advisors will review and evaluate all reports and evaluations.

Step Four (Co-op Grade and Designation) - Once your faculty advisor has marked your report and evaluation, they will issue a pass or fail grade to the assigned work term. Once a student has completed and passed all the required work terms for their program designation, they will receive the co-op designation on their degree upon graduation. 

Stage Five (Co-op Feedback Survey) - Once you complete your last work term and exit the co-op program, you will be sent the co-op program feedback survey. We will send a co-op program feedback survey within a month of completing your last term, this gives you a chance to provide feedback about your co-op experience. This will be anonymous, unless you wish for us to contact you to get more details (we ask this on the survey).