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If you are an undergraduate or graduate student at Lakehead University, then you will want to create a Co-Curricular Record to document and authenticate your involvement in not-for-credit experiences and activities at Lakehead University.

A CCR will highlight your significant contributions to the Lakehead community in areas of leadership, governance, volunteering, teams, and even some paid positions. The CCR will also document the learning outcomes and skills you acquired by participating in each validated activity. In other words, your CCR documents your participation, contributions, and achievements while at Lakehead and highlights essential skills development and learning outcomes.

Your CCR nicely complements your academic transcript when applying for jobs or to graduate or professional programs.

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CCR FAQs For Students

What are the benefits of the CCR?

There are many benefits to having a Co-Curricular Record:

  • A CCR provides you with an official University document that details your out-of-classroom learning and experiences for grad school applications, job interviews, and other opportunities.
  • It helps you understand and communicate the link between your out-of-classroom learning and the transferable skills you have gained while at Lakehead.
  • It is a great way to meet people, learn about yourself, and have fun!
Who can create a CCR?

Any student, whether undergraduate or graduate can create a Co-Curricular Record.

What criteria must be met for a CCR position to be approved?

The activity must provide students with meaningful learning opportunities

  • To ensure that activities provide intentional learning opportunities for students, learning outcomes must be identified by the student to reflect the learning that took place
  • Learning outcomes are organized into the following categories: Celebrating Diversity, Communicating Effectively, Maintaining Health & Wellness, Critical Thinking, Intentional Learning, Leadership Development, Personal Development, Demonstrating Professionalism, Social & Civic Responsibility, Team Building/Collaboration, Environmental Consciousness, Program & Event Development, Spiritual Awareness, Realistic Self-Appraisal

The activity must be co-curricular in nature and not recognized for degree credit

  • The Co-Curricular Record recognizes student involvement that is not a requirement of a particular course or program, but ideally complements students’ curricular (academic) learning.

The activity must support and foster personal growth through experience

  • The Co-Curricular Record recognizes opportunities that foster personal growth and development. These experiences provide students with opportunities to make meaningful contributions to the Lakehead Community, to develop transferable skills and to engage in activities that embody a commitment to holistic learning
  • Student employment in an area that makes a direct and significant contribution to a culture of student leadership may be considered for recognition on the Co-Curricular Record. Examples include Resident Assistants and Peer Tutors. Inclusion of any form of student employment must first be approved by the Co-Curricular Committee.
How do I add a position to my Co-Curricular Record?
  1. Go to
  2. Log in using your Lakehead username and password. 
  3. Click on Co-Curricular Record (in the blue task bar on the left hand side of your screen.
  4. Click on Add a position to My Record (blue button right below your name).
  5. Search the position typing in keywords (i.e., “President,” “Vice President,” “Leader,” or “Participant”) by using the selection boxes below.
  6. Click Add to record to add the position.
  7. Select 1-5 Learning achievement statements from the list that appear
  8. Click Save.
  9. Once submitted, the validator for the position will be notified that they need to check your posting.

It is recommended to use the selection boxes when searching for a position as the database might not be organized the same way you'd expect or the position might be called something different in the database than you thought.

  • Start by clicking on the year in the far left box, then choose your category: Campus & Community Involvement, Leadership Positions, or Workshops & Training.
  • As you make selections, more options will appear. Once you've selected the activity, all positions related to that activity will appear below the selection boxes.
How do I add a position to the database?

If the position you’re looking for isn’t in the system yet, no problem, you can add it by selecting "Position Request" once you select the Co-Curricular Record in

You will be prompted to fill out all of the sections of the position request. It is very important that you include as much information as possible so we can determine if the position can be approved. Please ensure you include a Validator (this person who can go in to Approve your request and knows that you have completed the activity).

If you do not fill in all of the required information we will request that you submit the request again with all of the required information included.

If you have questions about this process please email

Is there a deadline for updating your CCR?
  • Yes. You must have your Co-Curricular Record positions submitted and validated before April 30th of the current academic year.
  • All activities should be submitted for approval no later than 2 weeks after the completion of the activity. It is important that students add their activity to their CCR as soon as they are completed.
  • Validators will approve the activity within 2 weeks of the submission.
How can I add activities to my CCR from previous years?

Activities cannot be retroactively added to the Co-Curricular Record. They must be added in the term in which they occurred.

Should you have a concern about this, please speak directly with:

Student Success Advisor (Thunder Bay) | | (807) 343-8010 ext. 8981

What happens if a validator denies recognition of my activity?

If a validator declines recognition of an activity and the student in question disagrees with this decision, he or she is encouraged to come to an agreement with the validator.

If this is not possible, the disagreement will be referred to the Student Success Advisor on the Thunder Bay campus or the Student Success Advisor on the Orillia campus, and a decision will be made.

If the student wishes to appeal this decision, his or her request will be referred to the Co-Curricular Committee. All appeals must occur within 10 working days after a decision is rendered.

 Who can I contact for assistance with my CCR?

Student Success Advisor (Thunder Bay) | | (807) 343-8010 ext. 8981