CUDO 2017: Section B - Admission

B1 - Applicants and Registrants by Program, 2016

Full time, first year applicants and registrants in first entry programs by type and program.

ProgramAttended an Ontario Secondary School in the previous yearAll Others (Non-Secondary School)Total
Arts/Humanities/Social Science   
Total applicants (first choice)172151323
Total registrants (first choice)7458132
Total applications (all choices)1,0034001,403
Total registrants (all choices)14475219
Total applicants (first choice)9859157
Total registrants (first choice)591473
Total applications (all choices)58220791
Total registrants (all choices)10537142
Commerce/Mgmt/Business Admin   
Total applicants (first choice)11652168
Total registrants (first choice)702696
Total applications (all choices)531129660
Total registrants (all choices)10333136
Total applicants (first choice)14343186
Total registrants (first choice)782098
Total applications (all choices)58291673
Total registrants (all choices)12527152
Phys/Health Ed/Recreation   
Total applicants (first choice)8329112
Total registrants (first choice)411253
Total applications (all choices)30672378
Total registrants (all choices)571774
Engineering & Applied Science   
Total applicants (first choice)76129205
Total registrants (first choice)362561
Total applications (all choices)460322782
Total registrants (all choices)7636112
Environmental Studies   
Total applicants (first choice)431659
Total registrants (first choice)20828
Total applications (all choices)17350223
Total registrants (all choices)321143
Fine & Applied Arts   
Total applicants (first choice)**6
Total registrants (first choice)**6
Total applications (all choices)151126
Total registrants (all choices)**6
Total applicants (first choice)20828
Total registrants (first choice)13*15
Total applications (all choices)512071
Total registrants (all choices)14*18
Total applicants (first choice)**3
Total registrants (first choice)**3
Total applications (all choices)6*9
Total registrants (all choices)**6
Total applicants (first choice)116141257
Total registrants (first choice)642488
Total applications (all choices)420425845
Total registrants (all choices)10945154
Social Work   
Total applicants (first choice)5447101
Total registrants (first choice)311950
Total applications (all choices)17490264
Total registrants (all choices)472673
Other Degrees   
Total applicants (first choice)000
Total registrants (first choice)000
Total applications (all choices)000
Total registrants (all choices)000

Source: OUAC

NOTE: To ensure confidentiality, cell counts less-than or equal-to 5 are suppressed and displayed as " * ".  If one cell in a row is suppressed, the total is rounded to the nearest 3. If the total is already a multiple of 3, the number stays the same.

B2 - Program Undergraduate Admission Requirements

The following URL will link you to OUAC's eINFO, which will provide you with general information on universities' programs, including admission requirements:

For more detailed Lakehead information, and up-to-date policy on admission requirements:

Lakehead University Admission Requirements

Lakehead University Student Awards and Financial Aid

B3 - Secondary School Averages of Full-Time, First Year Students, Fall 2016

The following tables show the percentage of full-time, first year students by average range and program.  Averages are based on final grades for Grade 12 university destination courses.

 Percent with entering average of… 
Program / Entering Average95%+Between 90% and 94%Between 85% and 89%Between 80% and 84%Between 75% and 79%Between 70% and 74%Below 70%Overall Average
Business & Commerce*9.8%9.8%16.7%28.5%16.7%16.7%77.8%
Physical Education0.0%*22.9%21.1%17.5%14.0%17.5%78.7%
Environmental Studies0.0%*15.6%34.4%21.9%18.8%*78.8%
Fine Arts**0.0%**0.0%0.0%87.6%
Social Work**19.1%25.5%23.4%14.9%10.6%79.2%

Source: OUAC

NOTE: To ensure confidentiality, cell counts less-than or equal-to 5 are suppressed and displayed as " * ".

B4 - Application Fees

The following chart shows 2017-18 application fees charged by OUAC.

Fee Type101 Secondary School105 Non-Secondary
Additional choices$50.00$50.00
Application (if outside Canada)$150.00$166.00

Note: The 'application' fee applies to the initial three (3) university/program choices.   The 'additional choices' fee must be paid for each university/program choice beyond the initial three (3).

For secondary school (101) applicants, click here for institution/program specific application fees:  

Lakehead U Program Information for 101s

OUAC 101 Application Guide

For non-secondary (105) applicants , click here for institution/program specific application fees:  

Lakehead U Program Information for 105s

OUAC 105 Application Information

Source:  OUAC

B5 - Admission in Winter, Spring, Summer Terms

Are first-time, first-year students accepted for terms other than the fall?

Source: Individual Institutions


B6 - Deferred Admission

Does your institution allow students to postpone enrolment after admission?If yes, maximum period of postponement:
Yesone (1) year

Source: Individual Institutions


Visit the Council of Ontario Universities for similar information on other Ontario universities.