Labs and Studios – November 27, 2019

Wednesday, November 27, 2019 - 10:15am


Present: J. Joncas, G. Oba, S. Girvin, J. Sylvestre, T. Moore

TIME Commenced:     9:10 AM

1.0   Agenda :  Items discussed as proposed by members present


2.0   Review of Minutes : April 17, 2019, August 21, 2019 – Deferred


3.0   Inspection Reports: none discussed

4.0   Accident Report/Investigations: none

5.0   Old Business:

5.1   Old Inspection Report follow-up

5.1.1      2019 inspection reports will be sent to all members of the committee to follow up on A and B hazards to ensure they have been corrected. 

5.1.2      Will be sent in November and due by the end of December.

5.1.3      Update – five of thirteen inspections have been completed


6.0   New Business:


6.1   New Member

6.1.1      Gabriel Oba from Chemistry has been nominated by LUFA to serve on the committee.  The committee welcomes Gabriel.

6.2   ESA inspector

6.2.1      The ESA inspector will be touring CB in the last week of November.

6.3   2019 Inspections outstanding

6.3.1      The outstanding inspections will be completed on December 18th at 2 pm.  Please let Tiffany know whether you will be available at that time to accompany.

6.4   Year End Re-inspections

6.4.1      Five of the thirteen areas that had A and B hazards have been re-inspected.  The rest to be completed by the 23rd of December.

6.5   Safety Showers

6.5.1      CB0014 – Handle too high to be reached by someone of smaller stature.  Steve to look into

6.5.2      Undergrad labs Chemistry – Concern that emergency showers are out in the hallway and whether that’s too far a distance to travel.  Steve to look into whether something can be retrofitted.

6.6   CASES gas rooms

6.6.1      O2 sensor has tripped two times in the past five days.  There is no official procedure on who should be alerted and what measures to be taken.   Tiffany will email Instrumentation and set up a meeting between them, physical plant and security.


7.0               Adjournment: 9:35 AM

8.0               NEXT MEETING: 9 am - December 18, 2019 - Av 147