Labs and Studios – October 16, 2019

Wednesday, October 16, 2019 - 10:15am


Present: M. Sorokopud, J. Joncas, M. Moore, R. Xia, T. Moore

TIME Commenced:     9:07 AM

1.0   Agenda :  Approved.


2.0   Review of Minutes : April 17, 2019, August 21, 2019 – Deferred


3.0   Inspection Reports: none discussed



4.0            Accident Report/Investigation Finding:  LUARS

A worker’s finger came in contact with the fan on a motor while using a deawner machine on October 9.  Finger sustained abrasions, and worker did seek medical attention on October 10.  HR was informed of injury on October 10.  Investigation was conducted on Oct. 11 by S. Girvin, M. Moore, T. Moore and D. Savela.


The Deawner process was observed and the following recommendations were made:

1)      Equipment positioning and orientation during use be changed so workers don’t have to reach over equipment

2)      Repair and replacement of electrical cords (equipment locked out at time of investigation).

3)      Better signage alerting to hazard

4)      Training to include awareness of the hazard


5.0            Old Business:

6.0            New Business:


6.1   LUARS

6.1.1            Is LUARS set up for proper lock out/tag out?  T. Moore to send a copy of physical plant procedure to the station.

6.1.2            April 2020 Joint RPSS/L&S members to inspect all equipment used at LUARS during it’s operation to ensure all equipment has been evaluated for safety.

6.2   Transfer of legacy chemicals between labs

6.2.1            Issue with labs accepting old chemicals and not following eRPortal transfer process.

6.2.2            Users will be notified

  • How to transfer in eRPortal inventory
  • Not to accept old chemicals without consulting lab safety officer first

6.3   Old Inspection Report follow-up

6.3.1               2019 inspection reports will be sent to all members of the committee to follow up on A and B hazards to ensure they have been corrected. 

6.3.2               Will be sent in November and due by the end of December.


7.0               Adjournment: 9:47 AM

8.0               NEXT MEETING: November 27, 2019