Offices and Classrooms - October 09, 2019

Wednesday, October 9, 2019 - 10:15am



Start 10:05 a.m.

Human Resources Meeting Room



Cindy Haggerty (COPE)                                                  

Sue Viitala, (Schedule II))

Dr. Juan Pernia, (LUFA)

Ursula MacDonald (Ex-Officiomember) Leslie Malcom, (Schedule II mgmt.)


  1. Outstanding Business – NONE


2.                   Inspections

The only inspections outstanding are the CB offices and classrooms. These will be conducted during the week of Oct.15 to Oct.18, 2019


3.                   Injury and Accident Reports

April 2019:  Employee advised she slipped and fell outside in April hurting lower back. The employee did not report the incident until May 01, 2019.

May 2019: Employee reported a repetitive strain injury (wrist.) The University sourced the assistance of an ergonomist to facilitate an assessment of the work space. 


Ergonomic Assessments

2019: eight YTD


4.                   New Business/Open Discussion


  1. Ursula congratulate and thanked the Committee for completing all of the inspections this year. A lot of work but a job well done.
  2. The asbestos removal in the CB fan system B1 is now complete.  At this time, we do not have any updates on annual sampling as mandated by law.
  3.   Sue Viitala is stepping down, from this committee. Another Schedule II member and a CUPE member is required.  Sue is continuing on the committee for the time being.
  4. Brian Shott has been hired as a replacement for Shanon Arnold.
  5. 2018 Annual Air Sampling showed all spaces to be ‘below detectable limit’, or ‘within acceptable amounts’. Due to 2019 ACM Removals, the committee will meet to review possible new sample locations, in early 2020.
  6. CB4082B occupant has relocated to CB4082F, and has concerns regarding asbestos.
  7. Wellness Committee has been busy all summer with consultations; including session with employees, faculty and students.  Employees who have been unable to attend in person were able to complete an online survey. The Wellness committee is continuing its work and will be preparing a report.  It is anticipated that the report will be made available to SR. Admin in the new year.
  8. The Committee held a discussion about its membership especially in terms of having a replacement for Shanon Arnold who left the University.  It is up to Schedule II to appoint another worker member.  We are also down to one Certified member and when the next training course is available Ursula will inform the Committee in case anyone is able to attend.


Next meeting: TBD (Dec.2019), HR meeting room.