Labs and Studios - January 17, 2018

Wednesday, January 17, 2018 - 9:00am

Labs and Studios Minutes – January 17, 2018        

Present: H.Forsyth, M. Sorokopud, E. Searle, J. Joncas, K. Bhatia, A. Diochon, J. Sylvestre, C. Surette

TIME Commenced:     9:05 AM

1.0   Agenda :  Add Electrical Safety Authority Inspections - Approved – J. Joncas/C. Surette


2.0   Review of Minutes : December 6, 2017 - Approved

2.1   LUACF maintenance to do monthly fire extinguisher testing

2.2   Received reply Re: Food/Drink in Mechanical Engineering labs – want to know about food banned for laboratories not containing chemicals

2.2.1     Committee agrees that soldering taking place in the lab presents a hazard – lead dust/metal filings ingestion – H.Forsyth to send follow-up email


3.0   Inspection Reports:

3.1   Electrical Engineering – Food/Drink in lab, Batteries not stored properly, non-CSA charger

3.2   Nursing – No issues

3.3   Psychology – Monitor stored on top shelf, Eye wash to be tested

3.4   Physics – Flammable chemicals stored under sink, Shower not accessible

3.5   BAF/ATRC – BAF needs acid spill kit; No issues in ATRC

3.6   Student Health and Counseling Centre – No issues


4.0            Injury/Incident Reports - None


5.0   Old Business:

5.1   Chemical Waste Pickup  - Scheduled for pick up on Jan 23rd and 24th

5.2   CB0021 Updates – Chemicals cleared out and will be disposed of in upcoming waste pickup, the lab needs renovations by Physical Plant

5.3   Art Kiln Procedure – Needs to be a more detailed SOP, committee agrees that Fire Department should inspect the kiln first to see if can even be used – H.Forsyth to contact Fire Department


6.0   New Business:

6.1   Yearly Stats

6.1.1     14 incidents in 2017

6.1.2     Most incidents occurred in August, second most in March

6.1.3     Chemical Engineering had the most incidents

6.1.4      Committee suggested this is most likely due to students trying to finish up year end projects quickly

6.1.5     As a solution, Committee suggested to do inspections for areas with most incidents in July/February months

6.1.6     Committee also discussed arranging a large-scale CASES walkthrough 2-3 weeks after labs move into the new building

6.2   Bill 177 – Stronger, Fairer Ontario Act

6.2.1     Changes made to the Occupational Health and Safety Act          Health and Safety committee must now report to the MOL any identified potential “structural inadequacies” of any part of the workplace that are a source of danger or a hazard to workers       Committee wants a clear definition of “structural inadequacies”; H. Forsyth to look into the definition          Individual fines increased to $100, 000; Corporation fines increased to $1,500, 000          The limitations period for prosecution under OHSA is now one year from “(a) the occurrence of the last act or default upon which the prosecution is based; or (b) the day upon which an inspector becomes aware of the alleged offence.”

6.3   Electrical Safety Authority Inspections

6.3.1     Mostly extension cords used as permanent devices indentified as issues

6.3.2     H.Forsyth notified all parties in charge of rooms identified in ESA report to remove extension cords


7.0   Other Business:

7.1   Committee wants Graduate Students who are not employed to be contacted regarding new hire health and safety training

7.1.1     Currently there is no way to contact Graduate Students unless they are employed by Lakehead University and therefore many students are missed

7.1.2     H. Forsyth will contact Grad Studies to email Graduate Students who are currently not employed with Lakehead University about registering for new hire health and safety training

7.2   Committee wants workshop set up for Field Safety to go over Risk Assessment documents for additional input from those who would be using the form

7.2.1     H Forsyth to set up workshop for reading week


8.0   Adjournment: 10:05 AM

NEXT MEETING: March 21st 2018