Office and Classrooms

Wednesday, October 28, 2015 - 10:00am
HR Meeting Room


Employee Members                                                                     Management Members

Cindy Haggerty (COPE)                                                               Shanon Arnold (Schedule II)

Deli Li (LUFA)                                                                     

Ursula MacDonald (Ex-Officio member)


Sue Viitala (Schedule II)

Leslie Malcolm (Schedule II)


1.         Outstanding Business

            No outstanding business


2.   Inspections   

  • Regional Centre – complete
  • University Center – complete
  • ATAC – 5th,4th and 3rd floor complete
  • Next inspections for:  Remainder of ATAC and Fieldhouse; during Xmas break any time after Dec.19th, 2015 for winter break, Ursula will schedule the inspections
  • During inspections, we look for the following:  electrical outlets; plugs; missing covers;

extension cords; power boxes (wooden); clean-up cables; ceiling tiles; broken cables, ie. live wires.


3.   Injury and Accident Reports    

            An office employee fell and fractured her foot when she was leaving work. The cause of                     the fall was an obstructed view as she had a large bag and her purse and was unable to                          see where she was going. The incident occurred late in September and the employee                              reported it to HR – Health and Safety only in late October.  Ursula reminded everyone                              about the importance of reporting injuries as soon as they happen.

            Ergonomic Assessments; 

            As of Oct.28, 2015 ten (10) Ergonomic assessments have been completed in the offices                  for the year 2015.


4.   New Business/Open Discussion

      1.   Asbestos: Based on the 2014 asbestos review the following work has or will take place;

            Asbestos was removed from a couple of CB air fans.

            CB 1024 asbestos will be removed in the lab and classroom. This will be a very big                            project impacting a lot of people and working spaces.  Many lab occupants including the                          loading dock/zone will be closed off.  The project will begin Nov.30 and will take all                       December 2015.  In January 2016 the UC 0020 area will be the next area where                                      asbestos will be removed. 

2.   Please to announce that we have worked with an occupant of CB office who has agreed                          to remove many, many things out of his office so that his original, in a very poor                                        condition carpet be replaced.  This too will take place during the month of December.

3.         There have been issues with mice in Ryan building.  One of the occupants of the                                building has noticed that a screen in her office window has been torn.  Ursula urged that                          the employee put a work order in asap just in case that is how the mice got in.


Next meeting:    December 08, 2015

                            Time:  10:00 a.m. in HR meeting room

                            Human Resources Meeting Room