Retail and Physical Support Service Minutes - May 21, 2015

Tuesday, April 21, 2015 - 9:00am
Avila- Physical Plant meeting room

Ursula MacDonald, Steve Girvin, Barb Figus, Matt Serino, Hugh Briggs, Rob McCluskey

Brenda Rojik, Stan Nemec, Brian Cox

Special guest:
Shanon Arnold, Physical Plant


OLD Business:

A) Ursula also requested that Physical Plant have a look at a sidewalk which leads from UC/CB side door to Lot 5. There is a section of the sidewalk by the canon that floods each spring/fall. Grounds places wooden planks in the area as pedestrians are unable to cross due to water and ice. The sidewalk has been like this for many years and it really should be fixed.

B) The Ryan building stairway, closest to the library is very cold. Mostly the area from the 1st floor down. The housekeeping employee advised that once she washed the stairs ice formed on the stairs. She had to take a rag and physically wipe the stairs to prevent it from icing up. Alex will put a work order in to check on the heater and see what can be
done about this problem.

  • Dec.18, 2014 -Ursula will check with housekeeping in January when the real cold weather returns

May 29, 2014 - since it is summer now and last winter was especially harsh, this concern will be revisited in the fall/winter. Should the same condition occur the only option will be to install a heater over the stairs?

Jan. 15, 2015 -Ursula spoke with housekeeping and they advised that it may not be the heater or lack of heat in that area but rather the fact that the doors (from the outside) don't close properly, especially if there is an accumulation of snow. Steve Gervin said that he will put a work order in to have the doors checked.

April 16, 2015 – Steve will check on the door

C) Continuation of events following the asbestos discussion at April 2015 JHSC meeting.

Shanon Arnold was invited to speak at May 21, 2015 meeting. Shanon is the lead in regards to the Asbestos Management Program at LU.
When a small fibrous material containing asbestos fibres was found in CB office, the material was cleaned up immediately. Air quality conducted showed no elevated levels of airborne asbestos.
On Feb.17, 2015 in an email to Hugh Briggs and Shanon Arnold the occupant of the office requested dust sampling in that same office. Asbestos fibres were detected in settled dust on top a light fixture and surface of a book shelve and metal cabinet. The surface of a desk behind computer monitor was found not to contain any asbestos fibres. On the recommendation of the consultant Type 2 clean up initiated. This also allowed Shanon Arnold (Physical Plant) and Jackie Elvish (True Grit consulting) to access the ceiling space above the office to ascertain; the condition of the ceiling, insulation and the spray on fire proofing. All were found in very good condition.

As a result Physical Plant has initiated the following;
True Grit is creating a safe work procedure for Caretakers who change a specific light fixtures in CB, UC and RB to address a potential concern with the settled dust on light fixtures
Hugh Briggs will ensure that all Caretakers have taken Asbestos awareness course; are familiar with Asbestos awareness program and know about the HMIS data base and when available will be fully trained on the new procedure as mentioned above.
During the month of April and May a faculty member who works in CB raised additional concerns in regards to Asbestos in the Centennial Building. The faculty undertook an audit of the ceiling condition on his own. He submitted a report of identifying "hairy bits" which he felt could be asbestos pieces visible through the brown slat ceiling. In consultation with True Grit and the Asbestos removal company the "hairy pieces" have been cleaned up using a HEPA filter under Type 1 clean-up operation. In addition the Asbestos removal company has undertaken a detailed audit of the slats and the ceiling condition in the CB. Based on these findings and the results of our annual asbestos audit Lakehead will be undertaking additional proactive steps in regards to Asbestos management at Lakehead University.
Lastly, the 2015 annual asbestos audit will begin soon with particular attention to be placed on the condition of the ceilings.

Injury Report;
There were no injuries in April.

Near Misses:
None reported this period.

New Business:

1. We have had a couple of complaints of smoking somewhere in the close proximity to the CB building as office occupants on the 4th floor have been complaining. In addition, Shanon and Ursula while doing work on 2nd floor of CB could smell cigarette smoke as well. Security and Tiffany have investigated and have advised new employees who they suspect are smoking close to the building to smoke in the designated smoking areas. This seems to have had some impact as we have not had any recent complaints.

2. The staff of the bookstore complained that each time the grease traps are being cleaned out the smell in the back of the bookstore is unbearable and at one point the staff contemplated going home due to feeling ill from the smell. Is there anything that can be done about this concern. Steve Girvin advised that the bookstore must ensure that the back door is closed. Ursula asked if the bookstore could be notified in advanced about the work and this way the bookstore can make some other arrangements for their staff working in the back.

3. Ursula advised that the WHMIS program will be replaced by GHS. We are looking at purchasing on online training program for the training purposes. Ursula will speak more about this at the next meeting.

4. The following projects are or will be underway on campus over the next few months; big bathrooms at PACI basement will be renovated, men's sauna in the Fieldhouse will be subject to major upgrade, a big dig up will also be taken up in front fo the Fieldhouse.

Inspections Outstanding;

  • CB
  • Avila Centre (Brian Cox and a worker)
  • Power House
  • ATAC
  • Lot 5 House
  • Library
  • Rural Resource Centre

Meeting adjourned at 10:25 a.m.

NEXT MEETING: Thursday, June 18, 2015 in Avila – Physical Plant meeting room at 9:00 a.m.