Mid-semester Mindfulness

Hey Thunderwolves it’s midterm season which we all know is a hectic time. During these times practicing mindfulness can not only help with reducing stress but it can also help with motivation. We’ve collected some helpful tips and resources for you to use this month to help you get into mindfulness.


Body scan meditation is a technique used to look inwards and to assess any sensations your body may be feeling. Body scan meditation is used for many things like stress, improving sleep, greater self awareness, and reducing pain and stiffness. Check out this guided body scan meditation as a way to see if it is a good fit for you.


 Take some time to do what you enjoy. Is there a food you love? Take some time to enjoy it and ask yourself why you like it so much. Focusing on small details you enjoy can help you reduce feelings of anxiety. Check out this link for some easy comfort foods you can make to help you refuel for your studies.


You have supports available to you. As a Lakehead University student you have access to our counseling services offered through Student Health and Wellness. We even offer same day counseling. Wanting to check in with yourself? Use our new Wellukey tool to complete a self assessment and see any online resources available to you.


nterested in some mindfulness that gets your heart pumping? Yoga is an excellent way to get your muscles moving while easing your mind and body with a wide range of stretches, poses and breathing techniques. Below are some local yoga studios offering classes right now!

Thunder Bay