Establishing New Routines


As a student-athlete who is taking a full course load and working a part-time job it is crucial for me to manage my time efficiently. This semester I am trying to implement a new routine and novel habits. On Sundays I am prioritizing meal-prepping, cleaning, and laundry while the rest of the week is devoted to my academic responsibilities, work commitments and sports while maintaining a consistent sleep schedule throughout the week. 

Meal Prep

Meal preparation proves to be an excellent strategy for reclaiming time during my hectic days. Before making food it is essential to plan meals ahead, ensuring I have the necessary ingredients on hand. While I often use the InstaCart app for grocery shopping to save time, it comes with drawbacks by paying higher prices because of the service fees and potential mismatches in pricing compared to in-store items. When the time permits, I prefer to visit a familiar grocery store with a pre-made list to speed up the process. Another time-saving tactic involves opting for store bought frozen food, although it comes with trade-offs like preservatives, high sodium and fat content, and reduced vitamin content.

A few meals that I have prepared: 

  • Stew and rice

  • Pasta with marinara sauce 

  • Shrimp fried rice

  • Lasagna

  • Chicken Salad

  • Burrito bowls

  • Salmon bowls

  • Protein balls

Key considerations for efficient meal prep include: 

  • Have adequate containers for your food

  • It can take a lot of time

  • Plan what you want to eat/cook for the week

  • Switch what food you make

  • Label the date on the containers

  • Freeze the food if you plan on keeping it for a longer period of time (better than store bought frozen food)

  • When making salad keep the dressing in a separate container, you don’t want your greens to wilt.


Maintaining a clean and organized living space offers me numerous benefits, including increased productivity, happiness, and focus, along with reduced stress levels. Throughout the week I make a conscious effort to keep my space tidy by putting items away once I am done using them. On Sundays I dedicate some time to deep cleaning alternating between cleaning my room, and the kitchen and washroom. Despite a demanding schedule, putting time aside for these thorough cleanings contributes to an overall neater living environment.


In order to optimize my energy during the day and for the week I try to get enough sleep. Adequate sleep not only helps enhance mood but also promotes heart health, regulates blood sugar, improves memory and cognitive function, restores immunity, relieves stress, improves athletic performance and enhances digestion. Finally, by consistently adhering to a set sleep schedule, by going to bed and waking up at the same times each day, helps regulate my body’s internal clock which facilitates waking up and falling asleep.

  • Virginie Franks, Peer Wellness Educator Lead