Recipe Inspo

“I saw this TikTok…” is a phrase that comes out of my mouth at least once a day. Most of the information and skills I learn now as a 22-year-old come from posts I see on social media. Whether its TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter, lots of people share tips and tricks that they have discovered that make life easier in some way. As a university student on a budget who is somewhat new to cooking, I have been able to find some amazing content creators that have helped me not only learn how to cook, but how to eat healthy, and save money while doing it. Here is a list of the content creators that have been helping me and the platforms you can find them on!

Shreyacookssss: I originally found Shreya on Tiktok under the name ‘Shreyacookssss’ and I immediately was obsessed. Not only does she have vegan and gluten free recipes, but she also has dessert and drink recipes too! After some Googling I was also able to find her Instagram, as well as her website where she uploads all of her recipes.

TheKoreanVegan: My friend is actually the one who introduced me to TheKoreanVegan, she made strawberry mochi for us which she learned how to make from Joanne (TheKoreanVegan). Joanne is on Tiktok, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, as well as having her own website and her own cookbook.

GoodCheapEats: GoodCheapEats is an Instagram account run by a mom of 6 named Jessica, so she definitely understands how important it is to shop affordably. Jessica also has her own website under the same name (GoodCheapEats) and a cookbook! Jessica teaches how to save money while grocery shopping, as well as how to cook healthy meals.

OneDishKitchen: The reason I love Joanie’s (OneDishKitchen) page/website is because she is one of the few people who shows you how to make meals for one person. I live alone and when I’m trying a new recipe for the first time and I’m not sure if I am going to like it, I don’t want to make a huge batch of it and end up with a bunch of wasted leftovers. Joanie’s website has hundreds of all kinds of different recipes for one!

JuliaPacheco: Julia is another mom turned content creator who wants to help people with meals. I really like Julia’s content because even though her videos are on YouTube, they’re still short, straight forward, and easy to follow. Plus, the way Julia cooks kind of reminds me of my mom, just simple and filling meals.

StruggleMeals: “We can make creative, nutritious, and inventive dishes that won’t break the bank!” This is the line that Chef Frankie uses to start every episode of StruggleMeals, and as a student it is pretty inspiring. Chef Frankie makes all kinds of recipes all while using affordable ingredients and the bonus, his videos are short, easy to follow, and fun to watch.

-Andrew Rowat, Food Resource Centre Assistant