Staying Active On Campus in The Fall

The life of a University student involves juggling coursework demands and a social life. Amidst the challenge of balancing the demands of school and a social life, physical activity is easily overlooked. However, integrating regular physical activity into your routine holds immense benefits for your overall health and well-being. Research has consistently shown that engaging in consistent exercise enhances both your physical and mental health, reduces the risk of diseases, helps manage weight, increases sleep quality, and improves cognitive function.

Therefore, I have compiled a list of ways University students can add physical activity to their busy schedule to enable them to reap the benefits!

Active Commute or Park Further Away: Opting to park further away and choosing to walk or bike to school are excellent ways to increase your daily physical activity levels. This is because it will only take a few extra minutes out of your day, but will enable you to reap the benefits of being physically active. By incorporating these simple habits into your routine, you can seamlessly integrate physical activity into your day, while also enjoying the added bonus of fresh air and the opportunity to clear your mind before and after class.

Join a Campus Rec Team: Becoming part of a recreational sports team serves as an effective means to heighten your physical activity levels, with the added benefit of minimal organizational obligations. Those who join campus teams are able to expand their networks and cultivate new social connections while engaging in consistent physical activity through the scheduled team events. Being part of a team instills a sense of accountability, as teammates rely on one another’s participation and thus sparks motivation to get out there. Find more information about Thunder Bay and Orillia Campus Rec teams.

Opt for Short Workouts on Breaks: Incorporating physical activity into the gaps between your classes presents a fantastic method to add movement into your daily routine without demanding significant time commitments. Engaging in physical activity between classes is a great way to add movement to your days without a large time requirement. This can be as simple as taking a leisurely stroll around campus or utilizing campus fitness facilities. 

Utilize The Campus Gym: Lakehead University provides all students with free access to our campus gyms and fitness facilities. This exceptional offer has eliminated any concerns about the financial strain of acquiring a gym membership, presenting an excellent opportunity for students to readily participate in physical activity on campus. Learn more about both the Thunder Bay and Orillia gyms.

Stick to a schedule: Establishing a consistent routine is one of the most important steps to ensure you engage in enough physical activity. Personally, I have found it helpful to align my workout schedule with my in-person classes. This approach capitalizes on the convenience of being on campus, with the gym conveniently situated nearby, making it easier for me to be motivated to engage in physical activity. made it more convenient to engage in physical activity 

Social aspect: Integrating a social dimension into your physical activity regimen is a brilliant strategy to guarantee your engagement in regular movement, all while catching up with family or friends. By merging social interactions with your exercise routine, you not only prioritize your physical well-being but also create opportunities to see friends in an active environment rather than being sedentary.

Ultimately, the key to engaging in regular physical activity is to participate in activities that you enjoy and create a plan that you can realistically maintain.

-Madeline Fabiano, SHW Summer Research Assistant


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