Parking at Lakehead

Important messages about 2021-2022 parking passes.

2021-2022 Parking Passes go on sale  Tuesday 10 August, 2021 at 9 a.m.

Staff parking payroll deduction forms need to be submitted in an electronic format. Paper copies will not be accepted. 

All staff payroll deduction forms are to be sent to


COVID 19 Updates

Individuals who made a single one-time payment in August of 2019 for the year (from September 2019 to September 2020) will be given credit for four months during the parking payment suspension for May, June, July and August 2020).

The remaining parking credits on your account will continue to be honoured for 2021-2022.

If those individuals purchase a full-year pass for 2020/2021 they will pay a recalculated rate valued at eight months for the period commencing in September of 2020. 

Those who wish to use payroll deduction must complete the fillable form online.  We will not be accepting paper copies.  Those individuals using payroll deduction will see deductions commence in September.  Payroll deduction will only be offered in August of 2021 for the period of September 2021 to September 2022.  Payroll deduction will not be offered outside of August 2021.  The established timelines for payroll deduction will not change. 

There may be members of Lakehead University who do not wish to resume their usual purchase of parking products until they return to campus full time.,  If they have a credit and do not wish to purchase an annual pass that commences in September of 2020, they may use their credit when they return to campus towards a monthly or semester pass. 

Casual users will be required to purchase a daily pass at one of the parking machines, or use Honk Mobile.

During the COVID 19 pandemic, in the interests of everyone's safety, we will not be accepting cash payments at this time.  Acceptable forms of payment include credit, debit or payroll deduction.



Parking enforcement will begin at 7 am until 9 pm, Monday-Friday. Weekend and Holiday parking will remain free.


Are you a veteran studying at Lakehead?

As a student registered at Lakehead University, and a veteran, we want to thank you for your service to our country. 

Attend at the security desk with your student identification card, your vehicle registration document showing that the vehicle has veterans plates and that you are the registered owner, and you will be provided with a general lot parking pass, without cost to you. 

This offer applies only to veterans themselves and does not apply to staff or faculty of Lakehead University.


Forgot your permit in your other vehicle?

Have you received a ticket for forgetting to display your parking pass? 

As a legitimate registered user of our parking services who purchased a parking product and has forgotten to display your hang tag in a vehicle registered on your account, submit an appeal online within five days of the violation being issued (Saturday, Sunday and University holidays excluded) and your ticket will be automatically be reduced to the 'forgetters fee" of six (6) dollars.



HonkMobile is here!

In three easy steps you can pay for your daily parking pass with HonkMobile.

1. Download the app on your smartphone.

2. Create your profile on the app. (Be certain to correctly add the licence plate number(s) of the vehicle(s) you are associating to your account.)

3. Use location services to select the lot you are in and pay with your smartphone.

For more information go to the HonkMobile website:


Click below to view information on:

Visit our Parking and Locker Services Website if you need to:

  • Purchase a parking permit
  • Pay any and all outstanding parking/locker fees or fines
  • Appeal a parking ticket(s)
  • Rent a locker on campus

Please note that a user account must be created to access any of the above services. When you log in, instructions and prompts will be provided for the service(s) you require. You can also change the automatically generated password provided for your account. Changing your account password regularly is strongly recommended.

Where do my parking fees go?

The fees raised from the sales of parking products and from enforcement are used to maintain the parking lots.  Our largest costs are winter snow removal, patching and paving, the spring cleaning of sand and debris and, line painting.  Administrative costs are also incurred - -  the production of parking permits, the upkeep of pay and display machines, and staffing costs to keep the parking system operating smoothly and efficiently are paid for by the sale of permits and with fees raised through parking enforcement.  

Parking Rates

Parking Permit Information

Please Note - No permit will be issued to anyone having outstanding parking fines. (Refer to Traffic & Parking Regulations) Fines must be paid to have a permit issued.

Rates are determined by the proximity of the lot to the buildings. The closer lots have higher rates and the lots further from the buildings have lower rates.

  1. If you reserve a parking permit but do not indicate how you are paying for it, the parking program will automatically cancel the reservation at midnight of the day you reserved it. Make sure you indicate how you are paying for the permit once you have picked one. We recommend you pay by credit card so the transaction will be complete and your permit will be saved.
  2. If you select a method of payment other than by credit card, the parking system allows you 3 days to attend at the Security Department to complete your transaction. If you fail to pay for your permit within 3 days, the parking system will cancel the transaction and the permit will be put back into the system to be sold. Again we recommend you use a credit card to pay for your permit when you purchase it.
  3. If you have outstanding parking fines, they will be automatically added to your parking permit costs by the parking program. All must be paid before the permit will be issued.

To Purchase a Parking Permit, please visit the Lakehead University Parking and Locker Services website and either log in if you have a profile or go through the steps to complete your profile and obtain a user name and password. You can then purchase a parking permit or locker, pay or appeal parking fines, register or change vehicle information.

Specialty Lot Parking Rates

(Taxes Included)
  • P,A,5,7,MPL
Full Year
September 01 to August 31,
School Year$268.00
4 Month Term (summer Only)$134.00
2 Month Term (Summer Only)

General (G) Parking Rates

(Taxes Included)
  • G & Lot 1
Full Year
September 01 to August 31,
School Year$238.00
4 Month Term$119.00
2 Month Term (Spring or Summer term)

Breakdown of Parking Meter Rates

Lakehead U parking passes are NOT valid at a parking meter. Short-term parking only. You MUST feed the meter to park here

All metered parking: $1.25/hr

Daily Parking Passes

  • Each daily pass costs $6.00
  • Valid for short-term use at $1.25 per hour to a daily maximum of $6.00
  • Available from Pay and Display machines located at Balmoral, Fieldhouse and Oliver Road entrances. Place pass on your front window dash in plain sight with the time displayed
  • These passes are good for "G" Lots and Lot 1 Only.
  • Not valid in any Specialty Lot.


Information about the collection of outstanding parking fines


Contact us.  We will work with you to resolve your outstanding fines.

If your fines are substantial and no effort is made to clear up outstanding fines, Security Services may;

  • conduct a Ministry of Transportation inquiry and bill for the cost,
  • suspend the right to park on Lakehead University Property,
  • tow your vehicle off the property at your expense,
  • notify a collection agency,
  • issue municipal by-law tickets, 
  • notify the Registrar requesting prohibition of registering for, changing, or withdrawing from classes, or from issuing copies of transcripts or parchment,  
  • notify the Vice Provost of Student Affairs of a Student Code violation,

or any combination of the above steps.