Visiting Researcher Application Information

Lakehead University’s Paleo-DNA Laboratory has developed a new policy governing the invitation of Visiting Researchers to Lakehead University.  Those researchers wishing to carry out their research at Lakehead University facilities are required to submit a completed Visiting Researcher Application Form available from our office.   This application form serves several purposes.  It allows us:

  1. to evaluate the proposed research activities;
  2. to confirm the researcher has adequate funding in place to carry out the proposed activities;
  3. to allocate laboratory and office space for the project; and
  4. to ensure equipment and staffing are in place for the duration of the Visiting Researcher’s intended length of stay. 

DNA research requires specialized equipment and a cleanliness that goes well beyond what the best maid can do. If your facilities are not quite adequate for the delicate research conditions involved with DNA, then we may be able to help.

Our facility is available to visiting researchers Monday to Friday during regular business hours of 8:30am to 4:30pm. Access in the evenings and weekends is not permitted. We supply a computer and desk for your use along with use of the facilities. For your convenience and to avoid contamination, any reagents required for your research must be ordered directly from the supplier and delivered right to our lab. For your convenience, we can order the reagents for you so they are here when you arrive. Along with the use of the laboratory, we also offer our expertise and experience to assist you.

Costs associated with using the Paleo-DNA Laboratory are as follows:

  • $550/week bench fee for the use of lab space, equipment and office area
  • $350 DNA profiling fee (profiles retained by Paleo-DNA Laboratory to rule out future contamination)
  • $45/hour manditory supervision period while familiarizing yourself with Paleo-DNA Laboratory protocols

Reagents and consumables will vary with each project. Contact us regarding your needs. Prior to your arrival, bench fees, DNA profiling and $1000/week for reagents/consumables must be pre-paid. A refund will be provided if reagents/consumables cost less than the pre-paid amount.

If you are interested in conducting research in a fully functional, well maintained DNA facility, please click here to contact us or click here for an application

Applications must be received at least three months prior to when the proposed research is to begin.  For more information on our Visiting Researcher policies please contact our office.