Thrive Week 2025

Stay tuned for details about Thrive Week 2025! 

About Thrive

Thrive is an initiative that began at UBC as a conversation between colleagues about the importance of reducing the stigma associated with mental health. It has since grown into a movement celebrated at campuses across Canada, providing opportunities for important conversations about mental health to take place. The events during Thrive Week work to promote mental health literacy, reduce stigma, create a supportive campus culture, and ensure that faculty, staff and students have the resources to help them understand mental health issues, and improve coping skills.

If you are interested in collaborating with Thrive Week, contact Lindsey Wachter.

Promote and Plan Thrive

There are many ways to take part in Thrive and support mental health and resilience at Lakehead. Whether you want to host an event, share supports with your students, or simply help us spread the word that mental health matters, we thank you for helping LU Thrive.

I want to:

Host a Thrive Event

You can play a role during Thrive by hosting an event or activity that supports mental health literacy. This event can be an existing program that you already host, or one designed specifically for Thrive. Email Lindsey Wachter (Thunder Bay) or Sara Corcoran (Orillia) to share your event.

Highlight Thrive in the Classroom or Meetings

Foster mental health in your learning and work environments by encouraging Lakehead students, staff and faculty to explore their path to mental health and practicing their own healthy behaviours.

Fostering Well-being in the Classroom

Promote Thrive to the Campus Community

Help promote Thrive by emailing your group, putting up posters, or sharing social media posts.


Here you will find links to social media graphics, editable posters, pre-loaded newsletter content and social media posts, and more!


Did you attend an event or participate in a Thrive event and want to share your thoughts? Use our Thrive Feedback Form.