Past Fellows of the University

Fellow of the University is granted to individuals who have contributed substantially to the growth and development of Lakehead University or its predecessors.  These individuals may have also contributed substantially to scholarship or have given service through active participation in the community through service clubs, community organizations, business and professional groups or charitable organizations.  The service given is above and beyond the demand of a career and is of a nature where no pecuniary reward is expected.

The Board of Governors of the University recognizes individuals who have contributed to the growth, development, welfare, and well-being of Northwestern Ontario, Simcoe County and of Lakehead University. This is done by the conferring of the title Fellow of the University. 


Lakehead University is proud to have honoured the following exceptional individuals over the years and have welcomed them as a Fellow of the University.

2019       Bruce, Colin
2018       Sabourin, Beverly
               Symington, Jim
2017       Nirdosh, Dr. Inderjit                        
               Franklin, Dr. James

2016     Squitti, Tammy
             Bartley, Bill

2015     Orsi, Angelo
             Piovesana. Roy

2014     Dojack, Jacqueline
             McWeeny, Liz

2013     Bennett, Robert

2012     Cardwell, Harvey

2011     Naysmith, John K.

2010     McLeod, Lyn

2009     Augustine, John
             Whitfield, John

2008     DiGregorio, Silvio
             Hessian, Stephen

2007     Buset, Richard

2005     Macey, George C.
             Shewchuk, Rod

2004     Miller, Dusty

2002     Hebert, Larry

2001     Colquhoun, James T.
             Seuret, Antoine (Tony) H.

2000     Cook, Preston R. (Jerry)

1999     Prokopchuk, Vic

1998     Johnston, Florence Jean
             McCartney, John

1997     Page, Margaret
             Welter, Robbert

1996     Katt, Mae

1995     Augustine, Annette

1994     Chalmers, Elizabeth

1993     Misner, Mary Anne

1991     Westlake, Arnold Eugene

1990     Dougall, H. Fraser
             Halter, G. Sydney

1989     Bryan, Wallace Edward

1988     Jones, Thomas Sidney
             Musselman, A. L. (Pete)

1987     Carter, Charles J.
              Laskin, Saul

1985     Peden, Russell Alexander

1984     Philpot, Roderick
             Tamblyn, William C.

1981     Bartley, Melville William

1980     Andrews, John
             Badanai Sr., Hubert

1979     Paterson, John Norman

1976     Flatt, R. Jack
             Goodall, E. Lorne