Congratulations to Lakehead University's Graduates and Special Honorees

The Lakehead University Presidential seal on top of a northern lights background

Convocation is a special time where our University community comes together to celebrate and share the accomplishments of our exceptional Lakehead University graduates along with distinguished honorees. This spring, our Convocation ceremonies will be hosted virtually due to the ongoing uncertainties related to the pandemic and our ability to gather safely together.

Our 57th Convocation ceremonies will consist of a main virtual convocation ceremony and an in-person Faculty convocation ceremony for each of our campuses.

Main Ceremony Thunder Bay Ceremony Orillia Ceremony

Message from Lakehead University’s Chancellor

Photo of Chancellor Rita Shelton Deverell in official garb

Greetings Class of 2022,

Chancellors routinely tell graduating classes that they have remarkable resilience, skills, and the tools to overcome obstacles. And usually chancellors add nice words for the support systems of family, friends, and the university community.

In your case, class of 2022, outstanding resilience has been absolutely required for you to survive, thrive, and progress to the landmark events of convocation. And resilience will continue to be required as you make your next contributions to Canada and the world. Congratulations to you and your support systems on gaining such meaningful skills.

2022 is unique: Your class has survived, and come out stronger, more socially conscious, creative, and adaptable, because of a global pandemic.

Your convocation happens in a time of war, the first world involvement war in more than 70 years. You are learning the lessons of peace-making and the deep value of peace.

You, class of 2022, have had to deal with shattering truths about Canada’s self-identity as a country, residential schools, to see our history and present littered with injustices. If you were once in denial your eyes are now open. Clear sight is part of a university education. Congratulations.

Class of 2022 you can turn the unique disadvantages of your era into advantages, into enlightenment opportunities.

I applaud you class of 2022 as you move onward with un-imagined resilience, ability to overcome obstacles, and the knowledge to build and cherish community.


Rita Shelton Deverell, CM, EdD

Message from Lakehead University’s President & Vice-Chancellor

President & Vice-Chancellor Moira McPherson

Dear Lakehead University Graduates,

Sincere congratulations to all of our Graduates!

I am joined by Lakehead University’s faculty and staff, as well as your families and friends, in celebrating your achievements on the journey that has led to your graduation.

Your University has helped shape the person you have become, just as you have left your unique mark on the people you have studied and interacted with during your time with us.

Convocation is as much a final step as it is a leap towards your future. We wish you all the best as you embrace tomorrow’s challenges and choices.

Dr. Moira McPherson,
President & Vice-Chancellor
Lakehead University

If you're looking for the 56th Convocation ceremony you can find it here