Congratulations to Lakehead University's Graduates and Special Honourees

The Lakehead University Presidential seal on top of a northern lights background

Convocation is a special time where our university community comes together to celebrate and share the accomplishments of our exceptional Lakehead University graduates along with distinguished honourees. This spring, our 58th Convocation Ceremonies will be hosted in person. Please click through the links below for more information.

Thunder Bay Ceremonies Orillia Ceremony

Message from Lakehead University’s President & Vice-Chancellor

President & Vice-Chancellor Moira McPherson

Congratulations on your graduation!

I am excited about this opportunity to share in the celebration of your accomplishments with you, your family, and friends, and with your Lakehead family on both of our campuses. While the pandemic limited our ability to come together in person in recent years, it has not limited the significance of your exceptional achievements, and the promise of future successes that come from learning and living these past years as a Lakehead University student. We are especially proud of how you demonstrated your resilience and spirit, and took full ownership of your learning goals. Our world and plans are now so different from those that were in place when you entered Lakehead University, however our strategic priorities and specific hopes for you are still strong and fitting today.

Lakehead’s mission to be an innovative comprehensive university that provides an education that is about how to think deeply has never been more relevant. We have always strived to be strong members of national and international knowledge creation communities that share and collaborate for the greater good.

You, our newest class of university graduates, are even more well-prepared to lead the lasting transformation our world needs now.

This is a time of deep change. As both a graduate of Lakehead University and a global citizen, you are poised to create a better future for yourself, for the communities you will choose to impact, and for our world.

Keep us in your hearts and in your minds as you, our exceptional 2023 graduates, make our future together brighter.

We look forward to learning about all of your successes!

Dr. Moira McPherson,
President & Vice-Chancellor
Lakehead University

Message from Lakehead University’s Chancellor

Photo of Chancellor Rita Shelton Deverell in official garb

Greetings Class of 2023,

As Chancellor in my second year, I thought it would be easy to bring you Greetings and Congratulations. Surely, I know how to do it by now. The Greeting part is easy. Yet, these are the worst of times and the best of times.

They are the best of times because you and your support team have crossed a very important finish line.

They are the best because you have a chosen or birth family, as well as friends and other supports to hug or elbow bump in-person and say thank you.

They are the best because so much is possible in-person that was not a year ago, including your Convocation class of 2023.

Sadly, these are also the worst of times, too. When we emerged from our lockdowns and Zoom rooms, and took off our masks, we discovered that many challenges were still there that could not be ignored — like debris under the snow.

These are the worst of times because we face a climate change crisis, the failures of our universal health care system, the treatment of Elders, and resistance to things we have committed to, such as Truth & Reconciliation, and to equity, diversion, and inclusion.

Each of you, as members of our Class of 2023, represent the promise of the best of times because you know the value of commitment, community, and collaborators. You possess the skills and the values needed to overcome the worst of times. You have learned how to turn disadvantages into advantages, and challenges into enlightened opportunities.

Go forth and be the best.


Rita Shelton Deverell, CM, EdD

If you're looking for the 57th Convocation ceremony you can find it here