Convocation Checklist

Convocation is your special day. The following Checklist will help to ensure you are prepared to fully embrace this exceptional celebration. 

1. Submit your Intent to Graduate

Are you in the last year of your academic program? If so, it is time to provide us with your 'Intent to Graduate'. Although we graduate students twice a year (Fall and Spring), we only have one Convocation ceremony in the Spring. If you graduate in the Fall, you are invited to attend the Spring Convocation. 

For Spring Graduation, you can submit your 'Intent to Graduate' via myInfo between January 2024 and March 2024.

Further updates will be sent to your Lakehead University email - check back often for updates.

2. RSVP Required  - Let Us Know Either Way If You Are Attending

Convocation is a time to celebrate your accomplishments as a Lakehead University graduate, and to share this celebration with your family and friends; however, it is not mandatory for you to attend. Whether you plan to attend or not, if you are planning to graduate, you must RSVP either way. 

NoteThere is a $70 non-refundable Convocation fee associated with attending Convocation (credit card required) . 

If you decide not to attend Convocation, the RSVP allows you to make arrangements to still receive your Lakehead University degree parchment. You may select to have your parchment mailed to you for a fee of $25 or you may pick your parchment up at your campus free of charge. Please refer to the RSVP for details and to make arrangements. 

3. Order Your Academic Regalia

As part of the RSVP to Convocation, you also need to pre-order your Academic Regalia (robe and hood) for the ceremony. The cost is $50 from our regalia provider, Gaspard. All graduates are highly encouraged to order their regalia in advance. 
If you do not order regalia in advance, you will be charged an additional late fee of $50 (on-site collection is $100). Note: There is no guarantee regalia will be available. 

The Convocation RSVP will be open to students through myPortal. An email will be sent to your Lakehead email account to notify you when it is ready. After you have RSVP'd a link to the gown ordering site "Gaspard" will be available.

On the day of your ceremony, you may pick up your regalia at the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium (Thunder Bay) or Rotary Place (Orillia) - remember to bring your receipt. After the ceremony, wear your regalia to the on campus reception where you may wish to take this opportunity to take photos. Please return your regalia on campus at the designated site after the reception.

All cancellations for refund for academic regalia must be received by the posted date. Refunds will not be accepted after this date.

4. Check Your Graduation Status - Review the Senate List

Before the ceremony, please check the status of your graduation to ensure you have been officially approved to graduate by the Lakehead University Senate.
A list of graduands will be reviewed at the Senate meeting on May 13, 2024. Following this meeting, you may check the list to see if you have been officially approved as a Lakehead University Graduate.

Note: You can RSVP to Convocation before the Senate List is issued. 

5. Inform Us of Any Accessibility Needs

If you have any accessibility needs or have questions regarding accessibility at either of the Convocation venues, please email

6. Prepare for Your Special Day

Convocation marks a very special day that recognizes all your hard work and determination. Review the What to Expect section to see more about the day of the ceremony.

Enjoy this special moment. Congratulations!