Order a Transcript

You may require your official Lakehead University transcript for many reasons such as employment or accreditation purposes, for funding agencies, or even for application purposes to programs at other post-secondary institutions. 

A transcript is only considered 'official' when it comes directly from Lakehead University - Enrolment Services.

To order your transcript,  

  1. Visit myInfo - select 'Order My Transcript' and follow the steps online. 
  2. You will be asked to enter the recipient's name (or organization name) and the complete mailing address. Please make sure you have this on hand before ordering. Additionally, you will be required to fill in the number of copies you are requesting.
    Please note: Requests are completed based on who the transcript will be going to. Multiple copies may be sent however, a new request is needed for each change of recipient/address.
  3. Select your payment type - Visa, MasterCard or American Express accepted. 
  4. Select your preferred mailing/delivery option - see below for options
  5. Select the transcript release option - see below for options
  6. Once you have ordered, paid, and completed your submission, you can then view your transcript processing status via myInfo under 'Transcript Request Status'.

Transcript orders are subject to the required processing time of 8-10 business days. This timeframe is usually met throughout the year, however, transcript orders may be delayed during the peak periods of May/June, September/October, and January. Please plan accordingly if you need to meet certain deadlines. Enrolment Services cannot be responsible for transcripts lost or delayed in the mail.

Transcript Cost: $15/copy 
An additional fee will be charged for regular mailing and expedited delivery.

Are you an Alumnus or Former Student Who Does Not Know Your myInfo Login?

If you remember your username, you can recover your account by clicking the "Recover my Account" link on the myInfo login page.  

If you are unable to remember your username and...

  • ...you are a current student, please contact Student Central (807-343-8500)
  • ...you are an alumnus, please contact Helpdesk (807-346-7777)
  • ...you are currently or previously employed/paid by Lakehead University, please contact Human Resources (807-343-8334)

    General Ordering Information

    Transcripts are official documents and may not be ordered by a third party. To order your transcript, your Lakehead University student account cannot have an outstanding balance. Please arrange to pay off any outstanding fees prior to requesting your transcript. 


    • It is recommended that any transcripts ordered for admission purposes, or to be sent to an accrediting body, should be sent directly to the third party from Enrolment Services. 
    • Universities in Ontario and the Ontario College of Teachers have electronic transcript ordering. This can be completed through OUAC with your university or college application, and through the Ontario College of Teachers for those wishing to submit a transcript with their Ontario College of Teachers application.

    Note: You will not receive your transcript if:

    • Your Lakehead University student account has an outstanding balance.
    • Your transcript request is incomplete or without payment. Requests without payment will not be processed until all information and/or payment is received.

    Mailing/Pick Up Options

    As part of the transcript order, you may opt to pick up your transcript or have it mailed to you. Here's some details on the pick up and mailing options:

    Pick Up: You may opt to pick up your transcript directly from Lakehead University. You will be required to present valid photo ID such as a Lakehead University student card, or government issued identification. If you authorize a third party to pick up your transcript or parchment, they must have your written permission and provide their own photo identification.  

    Pick Up Locations:

      • Thunder Bay Campus: Parchments may be picked up at Student Central, University Centre 1002
      • Orillia Campus: Parchments may be picked up at Student Central, Simcoe Hall.  Note: only those parchments which have been pre-ordered to Orillia may be picked up at the Orillia campus.

    Mail: The options for mailing of your transcript includes:

    • Regular Mail: Transcripts will be sent through Canada Post. There is a $5.00 processing fee.
    • Expedited - Canada: Transcripts mailed within Canada. There is an additional fee of $20.00 per copy. Delivery confirmation is available with the ability to track the item through the Canada Post website. For orders placed online, tracking numbers are available through myInfo-Student-Check My Official Transcript Order Status AFTER the request has been fulfilled. For transcript orders placed manually, the tracking number can be provided upon request.
    • Expedited - USA: Transcripts mailed to the United States of America. Delivery fee is and additional $25.00 per copy with a $10.00 processing fee. Delivery times vary depending upon destination.
    • Expedited - International: Transcripts mailed Internationally. Delivery fee is an additional $55.00 per copy with a $10.00 processing fee. Delivery times vary depending upon destination.

    All Expedited requests must be accompanied with a destination mailing address and destination contact phone number.
    P.O. Box addresses are NOT acceptable.

    Transcript Release Options

    When ordering your transcript, you can select a certain period of time for your transcript to be issued. This is important as you may want to wait until a certain period of time in order to ensure that your transcript reflects the information you need. The release options include:

    • CURRENT: Transcript will be processed if form is complete, payment has been received and account is in good standing.
    • AFTER DEGREE IS APPROVED: Select either May/June or October. Transcript will be sent once your degree has been approved by Senate and recorded on your academic transcript. Do NOT select this option if you have already graduated.  This selection is only for those who are anticipating graduating.
    • AFTER SESSION MARKS: Select Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer. Selecting this option means that the processing of the transcript will be held until ALL marks for the selected term have been recorded.
    • OTHER: Select this option if you are waiting for one particular course mark or a set date. Include details of the timing you are requesting.