Student Feedback on Teaching at Lakehead University

In April 2009, Senate approved the recommendation of the Senate Teaching and Learning Committee to adopt the new survey instrument entitled "Student Evaluation of Teaching at Lakehead University" (SET), formerly known as "Course Evaluations (Student Satisfaction Survey)". In 2013, Senate voted to move to an online system (see Items 10.1 and 10.2 from April 25, 2013, Senate minutes) for SET (renamed Student Feedback on Teaching in February 2015). Many courses are now evaluated online but professors have the option to continue using paper-based feedback forms for their courses. Professors who wish to opt-out of having their courses evaluated online are given the option at the start of the fall/winter term (for example, late August / early September). For more information, see Report (April 2009) of the Senate Teaching and Learning Committee (STLC) and Executive Summary (April 2009) of the STLC Subcommittee on Course Evaluation.

The survey is a tool to assist in monitoring and improving the effectiveness of teaching at Lakehead University. These surveys are distributed to students in each class or section, in which there is a minimum of 5 students, during the second and third last week of the term. For policy information, see Lakehead University's policy on student evaluation of teaching. More information on this process and SFT FAQs can be found on the Instructional Development Centre website.  

Survey Quick Facts

  • Administration: Every term
  • Administration Period: Last 2 or 3 weeks of classes
  • Distribution Method: Online / Paper (distributed to students attending class on the selected date)
  • Sample Size: Each course section in which there is a minimum class size of five

Student Feedback on Teaching Survey Results


For inquiries related to Student Feedback on Teaching, please use the link to our online SFT form.