CUDO 2011: Section E - Student Life

E1 - Residence of First-Time, First Year Students in Previous Year


The following table shows the percentage of first time, full-time, first year students enrolled in Fall 2010 by where they resided in the previous year.  Based on home address.

Percent from Ontario 94.7%
Percent from Rest of Canada 2.5%
Percent from outside Canada 2.8%

Source: OUAC


E2 - Percentage of Full-Time Undergraduate Students Who Live on Campus


The following shows the percentage of full-time, undergraduate students who live on campus, Fall 2010.

Student Type% of Students Who Live on Campus
First Year 42.5%
Total Undergraduate 11.4%

Source: Individual institutions


E3 - Extracurricular Activities Offered


A large number of extracurricular activities are offered.  The following links are provided.

Life at Lakehead
myLakehead Athletics
Lakehead University Department of Athletics
Lakehead University Campus Recreation Programs
Lakehead University Student Union

Source: Individual Institutions


E4 - Housing


The mix and variety of housing, including resident guarantee information, is provided in the following links:

Lakehead University Residence Housing
Lakehead University On Campus/Off Campus Living Accommodations

Source: Individual Institutions     


Visit the Council of Ontario Universities for similar information on other Ontario universities.