Booking a Video Conferencing Classroom

*** If you are participating in a class-sized teleconference event you will require a room equipped for video conferencing***

*** If you are participating in an event with few individuals, we can accommodate to your room preference. For more information, please contact the multimedia team at extension 8886. Please keep in mind it is the clients responsibility to book the room prior with scheduling.***

1. Contact scheduling and book your room.

Phone: extension 8498

2. Submit A Support Ticket and log in using your lakeheadu email username and password. Choose new ticket and proceed to filling out a multimedia ticket.

  • Make sure to pick the appropriate category, room and building of the scheduled event. Please provide your phone number for verification purposes.
  • Start and end time of your event is important, as well as number of guests. Due date refers to the day of your event and is required. By clicking the pen and paper icon to the left, a specific date can be entered.
  • Any additional requirements can be entered within the comment field and questions can be directed to the multimedia team at extension 8886

3. Once a ticket is submitted, a response from the multimedia team via phone or e-mail should be expected within 24 hours.

4. If you will be using the podium, a podium key must be rented from the Helpdesk. Please visit us prior to your event to rent a podium key, photo ID is required.