Recent News

21/03/18 - EXTENDED EXAM HOURS - Helpdesk will be open on Sunday April 8, 15 and 22nd from 10:30am to 4:30pm

13/02/18 - - is now available to all Lakehead Students, Staff and Faculty for online learning.  Please see this page for more details.

08/06/17 - Print release in Thunder Bay - See the printing page for details

16/05/17 - WannaCrypt Ransomeware - Updates and information can be found here.

15/03/17 - Silverlight Issues  Silverlight is no longer supported in Firefox, but you can get an extended release for it here.  Just download and install.

01/01/16 - HELPDESK HAS MOVED!!!  The Helpdesk team is now located in the Chancellor Paterson Library main floor with offices in LI1015.

16/10/15Office 365 is now available for free download for current students.  Check out our page here for more information.

14/07/15 - We are pleased to announce the completion of the wireless network in the Regional Centre building.  The building now has complete network coverage.  The system is active with only some minor cosmetic work pending.

10/07/15 - We are pleased to announce the completion of the wireless network in the Music and Visual Arts building.  The building now has complete network coverage.  The system is active with only some minor cosmetic work pending.

01/05/15 - Some users are reporting the time of day bar in their Lakehead Gmail Calendar is incorrect.  The fix for this is to change the timezone for your calendar, save the setting and then change it back to the correct timezone.  Information on how to change your timezone can be found here.

27/11/14 - TSC has upgraded the user interface of Ellucian's Colleague (formerly Datatel) to version 4.5. To access this version please login to your myInfo account or click here for the direct link.

26/11/14 - A new page has been created Mobile Learner Technical Requirements for the Immersive Telepresence Classroom.

20/11/14 - There have been several cases on campus involving pop-ups appearing on a PC warning about viruses. These pop-ups often show a phone number to call for technical support. If a user calls, they are instructed to install certain programs for “remote access”, such as TeamViewer. The fake technical support person will then proceed to attempt to take over the PC.
If you experience any similar messages or pop-ups do NOT call the number provided. Instead, immediately call the TSC helpdesk at (807) 346-7777.
Always call TSC first if you think that your PC may be compromised or infected. Never call an outside vendor for this type of support.

3/11/14 - To all users of Fileserver1
Due to a lack of disk space available on Fileserver1, the entire share was placed in read-only status late Friday afternoon. This was necessary to prevent an imminent crash of the system, maintaining system and file integrity.

All users will continue to be able to access their files, but will be restricted from saving any changes or adding more files to the Fileserver1 shares.

TSC will be meeting first with departments and larger groups using Fileserver1 to migrate them to a new storage platform with better management tools and a much larger capacity.

Additional information will be provided as it becomes available.
For questions and concerns, please contact Terry Young, Manager Technology Services at 807-343-8400 or

30/10/14 - TSC Warning - Apple OS Update (Yosemite)
Apple is releasing its new operating system, (OS 10.10) code-named Yosemite. This new release has
created considerable controversy in the user environment.
Based on TSC’s initial review of the release, it recommends that you either do NOT install the update or that you carefully review the changes that it carries before installation.
Concerns expressed include but are not limited to;
• Data encryption - By default all your files will be encrypted. If there is a profile or disk error,
• Security - It has been reported that unsaved documents and contact email addresses are silently
• Privacy - It has also been reported that the “Spotlight” search feature was passing on location
All of these features can be addressed by disabling them in the system preferences.
For further information, please contact the Helpdesk at of calling extension 7777.

03/09/14 - SPSS v.22 is now available via our software request form, please see our SPSS page for more info.

11/08/14 - A new page has been created for the immersive telepresence classrooms 

29/04/14 - Microsoft Corporation has issued a security advisory noting a flaw in Internet Explorer affecting all versions of the browser. This vulnerability can result in systems being accessed and completely compromised. For more info, please see our bulletin page.

14/04/14 - Thinking about getting a new computer for the office? Please see our minimum requirements page to help you decide.

14/04/14 - Helpdesk has posted the new Plotting page under our printing section. Please see this page for all Plotter printing questions.

27/11/13 - Informer Update The informer service was restored late Monday, testing and network changes have been successfully verified and released. Please direct all inquiries to Terry Young, Manager Technology Services, at 807-343-8400 or

05/11/13 - We have posted a new page "how do I have my work?"

29/10/13 - The TSC has posted our minimum computer requirements  

28/10/13 -  Apple has just released it's new operating system (OSX 10.9 - Mavericks). Apple users will be receiving a notice to upload and install this new free upgrade.  TSC recommends that you DO NOT install this upgrade! There is a known bug in the software that may prevent connection to your mapped network shares (ie Fileserver1, Filecluster, etc.). TSC is investigating and testing a work-around  to this operating system bug, and will provide a progress update shortly. For up to the minute information about this and other pressing issues, please refer to our website TSC also reminds that for all technology issues and changes...Ask Us First! For questions and more information please contact Terry Young, Manager Technology Services at  807-343-8400 or

25/09/13 -  Helpdesk Website Launch - The helpdesk will be launching its new site 25/09/13. Please provide any feedback to

20/09/13 -  Network upgrades - 6-10 p.m. No outage is expected during this upgrade

13/08/13 -  Ad Project is on going.