Minimum computer requirements

To ensure compatibility across all technology services the Technology Services Centre (TSC) has set the following minimum standards related to the purchase of new desktop and laptop computers for Faculty and Staff. Systems purchased that do not meet these minimum requirements will not be supported by the TSC.

Mandatory Minimum Requirements

  •  i5 cpu or better
  •  4+ GB of RAM
  •  250+ GB hard drive (500+ GB hard drive recommended)
  •  Ability to disable secure boot
  •  One year full hardware warranty (3 year warranty recommended) 

Operating Systems

All Lakehead University Windows Computers will be loaded with Windows 10 Educational 64bit and Active Directory services.

Please contact the TSC before purchasing any computer equipment or other technology to take advantage of our free consulting service, ensuring your purchase matches your specific requirements.

Remember, when it comes to technology....Ask Us First!