You're part of the Wolfpack

We like to think that there are no "lone wolves" here at Lakehead. As part of the Thunderwolves community, you are a member of the Pack and we are all stronger together.

Like every good Wolfpack, we have a code to ensure that we are all contributing to creating a safe and supportive environment. Do you know the code?

I Know the Code Logo- Community, honesty, respect.

The Code of the Wolfpack can be summarized in 3 core values: Community, Honesty and Respect. If we each work to embrace these values, our community will remain exceptional and unconventional. 

Code of the Wolfpack Poster with three values- Community, Honesty and Respect. Choose Community: We choose to be inclusive and celebrate our diversity. Choose Honesty: We value academic integrity, and choose to demonstrate behaviour that is honest and ethical. Choose Respect: We choose to act and communicate respectfully, treating others with dignity.