Front Desk Services

See the Front Desk To Pick Up Supplies:

  • Garbage bags - Small and large
  • Recycle bags
  • Vacuum bags - Note the type of vacuum in your unit
  • Light bulbs - Exchange burnt bulb for a new one (fluorescent tube lights - do not remove yourself; put in a work order for a housekeeping staff member to replace it)
  • Postage stamps

Parcels, Letters & Snail Mail

Your New Residence Mailing Address

When having letters and parcels sent to Lakehead University, you do not have to include your student number, your phone number, your Residence House or room number. To ensure delivery and avoid delay, your mail should be addressed in the following manner:

Your Name
c/o Lakehead University Residence
955 Oliver Road
Thunder Bay, ON, P7B 5E1
Where To Pick Up Your Mail

Letter Mail and Package/Parcel Pick-Up

Students will be sent an email notification to their Lakehead University email accounts when they have mail to pick up. Please proceed to Residence Front Desk along with your Lakehead University student ID card to claim your package or parcel.

Outgoing Letter Mail, Packages & Parcels

Outgoing letter mail may be placed in the brown mailbox located in the Main Bartley Residence Entrance. Canadian stamps and way-bills for xFedE and Purlator may also be purchased at the Front Desk.

Looking for Something to Do?

Residence students may sign out the use of the Residence tennis courts, basketball court, ice rink, or Bartley Kitchenette at the Front Desk.  No cost, just bring your student ID card.
Some sports equipment available for use - see Front Desk for details.

Sign-out requests that have been pre-booked through Conference Services by a group will take precedence over individual drop-in sign-out requests. 

Have You Lost Your Keys or Are you Locked Out of Your Room?

Room Lock-Out

For security and safety reasons, all Residence Hall House, Apartment and Townhouse doors should be locked at all times. If you find yourself locked out of your room during regular office hours, please go to the Residence Front Desk to sign out a set of lock-out keys. Lakehead University student identification will be required to obtain lock-out keys.

If you are locked out after Front Desk has closed, please call Security Services (extension 8569) and ask them to page the Resident Assistant on duty to let you into your room.

Student Lockout Policy 

  1.   For the first lockout occurrence, there is no charge.  For each subsequent lockout, there will be a $5.00 charge per occurrence added to the student's account.
  2. If the temporary lockout keys are not returned to the Front Desk by 1:00 pm the following day, a $25.00 fine per day for a maximum of 7 days will apply.
  3. On the 7th day if the lockout keys have not been returned or keys have not been found, a work order will be created for a lock change. The student will be charged an additional $150.00 for the lock change.
Lost Keys

Each resident will receive their own set of keys upon check-in for their accommodation. Please note that the duplication of keys is not permitted.

For security reasons, any lost keys must be reported immediately to the Residence Front Desk. You will be issued a temporary set of keys. If you do not find your keys after one week (or if you feel that someone may have stolen your keys), your lock will be changed.

Other Services For Your Convenience

Vending Machines

For light snacks, vending machines are located in Bartley and Halliday Hall Residences. Please notify the Residence Front Desk of any malfunctioning vending machines. All refund requests for vending machine malfunction should be made at the Residence Front Desk. Residence Council receives a portion of all proceeds derived from the sale of vending products.

Bicycle Storage/ Registration

Please note that all bicycles stored in the provided shelters must be registered with Residence Front Desk. Students who register their bicycle(s) with the Front Desk will be given keys for access to the shelter containing their bicycle(s). It is recommended that all bicycles should be locked when they are unattended.

Employment Opportunity

The Residence Front Desk has a part-time job opportunity for the 2020-21 academic year.  Please see link below for more information.

Front Desk Job Information