Front Desk and Other Services

See the Front Desk To Pick Up Supplies:

  • Garbage bags - Small and large
  • Recycle bags
  • Vacuum bags - Note the type of vacuum in your unit
  • Light bulbs - Exchange burnt bulb for a new one (fluorescent tube lights - do not remove yourself; put in a work order for a housekeeping staff member to replace it)
  • Postage stamps

Parcels and Letter Mail

Your New Residence Mailing Address

When having letters and parcels sent to Lakehead University, you do not have to include your student number, your phone number, your Residence House, or your room number. To ensure delivery and avoid delay, your mail should be addressed in the following manner:

Your Name
c/o Lakehead University Residence
955 Oliver Road
Thunder Bay, ON, P7B 5E1
Where To Pick Up Your Mail

Students will be sent an email notification from ResMail to their Lakehead University email accounts when they have mail to pick up. Please proceed to Residence Front Desk along with your Lakehead University student ID card to claim your package or parcel.

NOTE: It is possible that the delivery of your package to the Front Desk may take between 1 to 2 days. We kindly request that you wait for a period of 24 hours for the Front Desk to send you an email before you make any inquiries about the status of your package.

Outgoing Letter Mail, Packages & Parcels

Outgoing letter mail may be placed in the brown mailbox located in the Main Bartley Residence Entrance. Canadian stamps. 

Returns with FedEx or Purolator, it is the responsibility of the students to make the necessary arrangements. Additionally, they must also ensure that the package is delivered to the Front Desk.

Looking for Something to Do?

Residence students may sign out the use of the Residence tennis courts, basketball court, ice rink, or Bartley Kitchenette at the Front Desk.  No cost, just bring your student ID card.
Some sports equipment is available for use - see Front Desk for details.

Sign-out requests that have been pre-booked through Conference Services by a group will take precedence over individual drop-in sign-out requests. 

Have You Lost Your Keys or Are You Locked Out of Your Room?

Room Lock-Out

For security and safety reasons, all Residence Hall House, Apartment, and Townhouse doors should be locked at all times. If you find yourself locked out of your room during regular office hours, please go to the Residence Front Desk to sign out a set of lock-out keys. Lakehead University student identification will be required to obtain lock-out keys.

If you are locked out after Front Desk has closed, please call Security Services (807) 343-8569 and ask them to page the Resident Assistant on duty to let you into your room.

Student Lockout Policy 

  1.   For the first lockout occurrence, there is no charge.  For each subsequent lockout, there will be a $5.00 charge per occurrence added to the student's account.
  2. If the temporary lockout keys are not returned to the Front Desk by 1:00 pm the following day, a $25.00 fine per day for a maximum of 7 days will apply.
  3. On the 7th day, if the lockout keys have not been returned or keys have not been found, a work order will be created for a lock change. The student will be charged an additional $150.00 for the lock change.
Lost Keys

Each resident will receive their own set of keys upon check-in for their accommodation. Please note that the duplication of keys is not permitted.

For security reasons, any lost keys must be reported immediately to the Residence Front Desk. You will be issued a temporary set of keys. If you do not find your keys after one week (or if you feel that someone may have stolen your keys), your lock will be changed.

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Space


Residence Halls

Please place your trash into any of the large garbage cans located in your Residence Hall House. Garbage bags are available at the Residence Front Desk, free of charge. 

Apartment and Townhouse Students

Bags of trash are to be placed in the large blue garbage bins located outside the building. Please do not leave bags of garbage outside your apartment or townhouse unit as this encourages unwanted visits from the local wildlife population. There will be a charge of $25.00 per bag for the removal of garbage left on the doorstep, in townhouse yards, or in the apartment complex common areas. Garbage bags are available at the Residence Front Desk, free of charge. 


All Residence Halls, Apartments, and Townhouses are supplied with "Blue Boxes" for recycling item collection. Additionally, clear plastic bags are available at the Residence Front Desk for recycling collection and disposal. 

What Can I Recycle

The following items may be recycled in Thunder Bay:

  • In one recycling blue bag, please put all:
    newspaper, junk mail, flyers, cereal boxes, fine paper, soft-cover books, and magazines
  • In a separate recycling blue bag, please put all:
    pop cans, tetra packs, milk cartons, metal cans, glass containers, and any #1 PET or #2 HDPE plastic bottles
  • Corrugated cardboard and clean pizza boxes may be bundled together and put out with any recycling bags for pickup

For more information please see the Sorting Out the Depots.

What to Do With Your Recycling

Residence Hall Students

Recycling containers are provided in each Residence house. Please place recyclable items in the designated containers. Residence Housekeeping staff will regularly collect recyclable items from these containers.

Townhouse Students

There are two designated recycling bins in each townhouse area which are located as follows:

  • Deer Lake Ridge: Across from the laundry room, near the existing garbage bin
  • North Spirit Heights: Besides the laundry room, near Keewatin houses
  • Bearskin Lake: Between Lansdowne houses and Rocky Bay houses, on the edge of the circle 

Recyclables should be sorted into two groups:

  1. Recyclable plastic containers 
  2. Paper and cardboard products 

Plastic containers and paper should be placed in clear plastic recycling bags (available at the Bartley Residence Front Desk) and placed into the recycling bins in your area. Cardboard products can go directly into the recycling bin and do not need to be bagged.

Apartment Students

Items to be recycled are to be sorted in the recycling areas of each apartment lounge.  From here recycling is removed by Residence Housekeeping staff.

Battery Recycling

Common household-type batteries such as A, AA, AAA, 9v, C/D cell, laptop batteries, cell phone batteries, cordless phones, and rechargeable batteries may be dropped off for recycling at various locations around campus.

  • Residence Front Desk
  • Residence Operations Office
  • Campus Tech
  • Lakehead University Student Union (LUSU)

Recycling Print Cartridges/Cell Phones

Are you about to toss your print cartridge or cell phone into the garbage? STOP! We have recycling for that too. Please bring these items to one of the following convenient locations for recycling:

  • Residence Front Desk
  • Campus Tech
  • Card-operated laundry facilities are provided in all residences. Washers and dryers cost $3.00 per wash and $2.50 per dry.
  • Students will be given laundry cards which can be loaded at Value Centres located at the Bartley Residence main entrance and the Bearskin Lake laundry room.  The Value Centres are easy to use and accept debit cards, Visa, Mastercard, and cash.  There is a $4.50 charge for lost laundry cards and new cards can be redeemed at the Kiosk in the Bartley Lobby.
  • Please note that the use of the laundry facilities is at your own risk. The Department of Residence will not be responsible for damaged, stolen or lost articles of clothing. Any items left abandoned in laundry rooms will be removed and placed in the Residence lost and found at the Residence Front Desk.
  • Detergent must be supplied by residents.
  • Please notify the Residence Front Desk of any malfunctioning washers and dryers or if there are any problems with the Value Centre. 
  • Check the laundry machine status or availability and your laundry card balance at
    You can even have your laundry text you once it is done!

Who Cleans My Room and Living Space?

Your Room

Housekeeping services are not provided in student rooms, townhouses, and apartment units. Residents are responsible for keeping their own rooms, apartments, and townhouses clean in accordance with the Residence Cleanliness Standard.  Each Residence House, apartment unit, and townhouse unit come equipped with a vacuum for student use.

If something is in need of repair, please submit an online work order.

Residence Hall and Apartment Common Areas
It is expected that all common living areas will be kept clean and will be treated with consideration and respect for all students and visitors. The common areas of Residence (hallways, lounges, washrooms, etc.) are a joint responsibility of all residents and Residence Caretaking staff.  Daily custodial services are provided in all common areas.  Please note that residents may be invoiced for any extraordinary cleaning required in their common areas.
Apartment and Townhouse Units
Apartment and townhouse units are inspected monthly and students are advised if their unit is in an unacceptable state.  The students are given a period of time to clean their area.  If left uncleaned the cost of cleaning will be assessed to the student(s).
Bed Bugs

Bed bugs, even the suspicion of, require immediate action by all those who are involved to ensure they are dealt with completely. 


In the event you suspect bed bugs, please ensure the following is complied with:

1. Any resident who is concerned with having bed bugs should immediately report the concern to Residence Operations by submitting a work order or calling the Residence Front Desk.  After hours residents can call Security and have the RA-on-call paged.

2. The Residence Operations Manager or appropriate designate will meet with the residents affected to review the following information (within 24 hours):

a) Bed bugs are not a health threat and have not been shown to spread disease.

b) Residents are advised to attend Student Health Services for an assessment and treatment (itching or irritation associated with bug bites.)

c) Advise the resident that their cooperation is imperative in us being able to successfully eradicate the problem and control it from spreading.

d) Within 24 hours a certified Pest Control Technician will inspect the room and begin treatments. 

e) Provide Student Responsibility to the resident.

f) In some cases the Manager or Residence & Facilities or appropriate designate will meet with the adjoining occupants and arrange an inspection to ensure the problem is limited to the reported area.

Student Responsibility

1. Report possible bed bug concerns as soon as possible


3. Place all clothing and bedding including pillows or any other items made of material in large plastic bags (supplied by Residence Front Desk.)  Label the bags “dirty” and tie off the bags to take to the laundry room.  Wash and dry everything.

4. Note: Clean items do not need to be washed but should be put in the dryer on high heat for a minimum of twenty (20) minutes.  This will kill any bugs.

5. Clean up general clutter from around the room and leave all suitcases and bags (backpacks, handbags, book bags, etc.) open on the floor as these will be sprayed as well.

6. All corrugated cardboard should be discarded directly into the cardboard recycling bins outside the residence.

7. Ensure all dresser drawers, desk drawers, closets, and bed drawers are emptied and left open for spraying.

8. Once items have been washed it is very important that all items be placed in clean plastic bags and that the bags used previously are thrown out.  Label these bags as “clean.”

9. Do not put bags back in the room or on the bed until the room has been treated.

10. The resident will vacate the room for the necessary time to complete treatment. (Approximately 6 hours.)

11. Residents are responsible for laundry costs. Residence does not reimburse students for any costs associated with bedbugs and/or preparation for treatment. 

12. Residents may be held responsible for the costs of eradication should the previous responsibilities not be fulfilled.

What To Do When Repairs Are Needed

A Definition of Work Order
A work order is a request or notice to have maintenance completed in a residence room, house, and/or common area. Work orders may be requested and submitted online. Please be as specific as possible when submitting your work orders.
Procedures for Residence Room Work Orders

Every effort will be made to notify students a minimum of one day in advance should maintenance personnel need to access their respective rooms. However, Residence reserves the right to enter rooms should the associated repair need immediate attention.

Whenever a Residence staff member must enter a student's room for the purpose of completing a work order, a notice will be placed on the door after the work is completed.

Please note that during the winter break, maintenance inspections will be carried out throughout all of the residence buildings with staff members entering all rooms.

If You Have Work Order Concerns

Any concerns regarding work orders are to be directed to Residence Operations at (807) 343-8010 extension 8024.

A Note about Common/Lounge Areas
Do not assume that someone else has already submitted a work order for repairs in a lounge or common area. If you notice work that needs to be completed in either of these areas, please submit a work order.
Examples of When a Work Order is Needed
  • clogged toilet(s)
  • plugged sink(s)
  • leaking fridge(s)
  • malfunctioning or inoperative stove(s)/oven(s)
  • empty or near empty soap, toilet paper, or paper towel dispenser(s) in the Residence Hall and/or public washrooms
  • malfunctioning or inoperative vacuum(s)
  • desk drawer(s) that do not slide properly
  • broken chair(s)
  • burnt out light bulb(s) in a lounge area
  • door(s) that do not close properly
  • inoperative or sticky locks
  • area(s) that require sand or salt
  • a cleanup of vomit in a stairwell
  • washer/dryer issues
  • cable issues
Damage Policy

NOTE: The policy listed here is IN ADDITION TO ALL Lakehead University policies

Residence cannot accept claims from residents that the last person to leave shared accommodations (bathrooms, and/or townhouse/apartments) will ensure that all areas are in order. These responsibilities cannot and will not be assigned to one resident. All matters regarding cleanliness, room furnishings and overall condition of the living area must be in order before each resident leaves. It should be noted that the Department Residence will not accept claims from individuals that a particular resident is responsible unless the named student(s) accepts responsibility for the situation in a document outlining the damage/deficiency and bearing his/her signature.

Damages to individual rooms will be assessed by room occupant(s). Any damages done to townhouse/apartment common areas and individual rooms will be assessed at the end of each residence term or when a student changes Residences or leaves Residence.

Any accidental damage will be charged to the responsible individual(s). An example of this would be playing catch outside and accidentally breaking a window. If you cause accidental damage, report it immediately to the Residence Front Desk.

Residents are responsible for all actions of their guests, who may have caused damage.

If the damage was deliberate, the person(s) or House or building may be disciplined in addition to paying damages. Damage charges will be assessed at the current rate of repair or replacement. Please be advised that individual and House damages are dealt with throughout the academic year. Damages that cannot be assigned to an individual, House, or building will be divided equally among all Residents who had access to said locations. All Residence Charges are tallied throughout the academic year and are applied to student accounts at the end of the Residence Contract.

Only University personnel or contractors will be used to repair all damage.

Residents can help curb vandalism by reporting what they know about acts of vandalism to their Resident Assistant. Remember, individuals who damage Residence property are spending your money. 

Residence Damage Charges 

After inspections have been completed and any room requiring an extraordinary amount of cleaning, or missing items or damages, will be assessed applicable charges for repair or replacement.

The following is an example of appropriate charges:

Extra Cleaning

  • Bedroom - $100
  • Small Fridge - $25
  • Fridge or Large Freezer - $50
  • Microwave - $25
  • Washroom - $100
  • Garbage Pick-Up (Bagged) - $25


  • Desk Chair - $100
  • Desk Lamp - $40
  • Dining Room Chair - $200
  • Lock Change - $150
  • Full-Length Mirror - $60
  • Small Recycle Bin - $15
  • Window Screen - $45 (and up)
  • Waste Bin - $15

Bicycles and Vehicles

What About My Bicycle?

Bicycles must be stored in designated bicycle shelters. Please note that all bicycles stored in the provided shelters must be registered with the Residence Front Desk. Any bikes that are not registered with the Residence Front Desk will be removed. 

It is recommended that all bicycles should be locked when they are unattended. Please make sure that your bicycle is insured against loss or theft. Lakehead University Residence is not responsible for damaged or stolen bicycles.

Any bicycles secured to benches, picnic tables, light posts, trees, etc. will be considered abandoned and will be removed.

Please be advised that upon moving out your bike shelter keys are to be returned to the Front Desk and your bike removed from the shelter. Unless other alternate arrangements have been made. Student will be charged a $25 fee if keys are not returned to the Front Desk. 

My Vehicle
Residence has ample parking for students who have vehicles.  All vehicles parked on Lakehead University property require a parking permit from Security Services.  Plug-in posts are available in residence parking lots.

Other Services for Your Convenience

Vending Machines

For light snacks, vending machines are located in Bartley and Halliday Hall Residences.  Please notify the Residence Front Desk of any malfunctioning vending machines.  Refund requests for vending machine malfunction can be made at the Residence Front Desk.  

Vending machines can be found in Bartley, Halliday Hall, and Apartments.  If any problems occur with a vending machine in Residence please contact Coke directly at 1-800-218-2653.

An ATM is located inside the main entrance of Bartley Residence.  

Are You Looking For a Part-Time Position with Flexible Hours?

Join our team as a Part-Time Receptionist at Bartley Front Desk from August 2023 to May 2024. This role involves providing valuable information and support to students, staff, and visitors. Managing key distribution, handling phone calls, messages, mail, and parcels, reconciling cash, assisting with work orders, and managing recreational items. Proficiency in PC programs, adherence to policies, and strong organizational and time management skills are required. If interested, submit your resume and cover letter to

Front Desk Receptionist Job Description