Benefits of Living on Campus

Did You Know...?

  • Each weekend we provide students with social opportunities such as multiple-season festivals, game nights, talent shows, cultural excursions (including symphony, theatre, museums, art gallery, etc), ski trips, and much, much more.
  • Lakehead University Residence has its own Residence Sports Council Committee, with an emphasis on fun and participation? Almost every weekend residence Houses play against each other and compete for the title of champion.
  • We offer over 40 different sports and games to suit almost everyone's interests.
  • Provide recreational facilities which include a gymnasium, outdoor basketball courts (lighted), paved outdoor ice rink (lighted), and tennis courts.
  • You can get involved by both participating and organizing these activities by joining one of the many committees in Residence.

What We Offer 


Enjoy proximity to classes. You'll have easy access to faculty, staff resources, and other campus services. You don't have to worry about cooking your own food (when on a meal plan), doing the dishes or traveling far to class, and will have more energy to concentrate on your studies.

Lifelong Friendships

New friendships are at the heart of every residence. Every year, students remark that one of the great things they like about living in residence is meeting new friends.

Leadership Opportunities

Get involved with a Residence Council committee, become a House President, Coordinator, or Resident Assistant, and gain valuable leadership skills that will last.

Better Connections to the Campus

Living in Residence makes the adjustment to university life easier. By living on campus, you will make friends more quickly and become familiar with the campus, and all that it has to offer.

A Diverse Community

Experience a variety of challenges in a comfortable and supportive environment. Living with students from diverse backgrounds enables you to share life experiences, learn about other cultures, celebrate our differences, and find new ways of looking at the world.

Academic Support

Programs that directly support your academic efforts. Participate in exam review sessions, study groups, and choose from numerous academic skills workshops that will help you to succeed.

Support from Residence Life Staff

Being away at university is sometimes hard. That's why the Resident Assistants (RAs) are here to help. They help to build a sense of community in the Houses and to make your year the best it can be. So, if you have a question or just want to talk just go and see your RA.

Safety and Security

Someone is always just a call away. Resident Assistants are on call each night and are trained to deal with virtually any situation. Our Residences are locked 24 hours a day and are patrolled by Campus Security. Security can also walk you to and from class.

Clean Facilities

We are committed to keeping our residence facilities clean and well-maintained. We continue to update and renovate our buildings to ensure that you can enjoy high-quality, well-equipped accommodations.