Residence Life

Lakehead University Residence strives to provide students with a clean and safe home, where academic success and personal growth are promoted. It is our goal to provide a community and environment that is rich and diverse. Residence provides a wide range of opportunities that are social, educational, and recreational. If you want a comprehensive experience as well as to expand your horizons, this is the place for you!

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Did you know?

  • The Residence Life Team consists of 2 Residence Area Coordinators, 21 House Presidents, 21 Resident Assistants, 1 Sports Coordinator, and 1 Media Coordinator. 
  • Residence students are actively involved in numerous different events and charitable causes on campus and within the City of Thunder Bay. Talk to your House President or Resident Assistant for more information.
  • During the academic year Residence students have the opportunity to participate in over 50 events!

Residence Life Team

Our Residence Life team is made up of Resident Assistants, House Presidents, and Coordinators who are here to provide a wide array of programs and learning sessions for students within residence. Click on the tabs below to find out more about our team members!

Resident Assistants

Resident Assistants (RAs) work in cooperation with the house members to create an atmosphere of responsibility, consideration and respect. These are the people who unlock the doors when students have locked themselves out, listen to students if they need to talk, and will point students in the right direction if they have any questions about the University. RAs also provide students with valuable and fun programs to give a balanced experience while here at university.

Resident Assistants address confidential, personal, social, medical, financial, or academic concerns. They are extremely knowledgeable and enjoy helping and are a friendly face to go to with any problems.

House Presidents
The House President (HP) is responsible for organizing and running house events and keeping the house informed of events and activities that are taking place throughout the year.  HPs will organize House events at various locations around the City, House dinners, bonfires, movie nights, and much more. HPs also hold a seat on the Residence Council and uphold the house members' best interests. Each House President also chairs a committee within the council. The HPs work hard to ensure that students have a great year as a part of the residence community.
There are two coordinators that are involved in Residence Life: Sports Coordinator and Media Coordinator. Each Coordinator oversees their committee with the assistance of the Council representative and members from each house. The Sports Coordinator is in charge of Residence sports as well as planning different sporting events such as Drop-ins. The Media Coordinator helps promote community in residence through creatively engaging using social media and the television screens in and around Residence.
Balancing Life in Residence

Our Residence Life staff provides a variety of programs and learning sessions that assist students in finding a balance among their academics and the many other facets of their lives.

The following sections outline examples of common challenges students, in general, may face throughout the academic year, as well as the various programming responses that take place.



Academic Skills

In the transition to university, students may experience a drop in grades, problems studying for tests or exams, or a lack of understanding of important study skills and habits. Students can be put at ease by being provided with suggestions and support that will help in their academic pursuits. This can include study groups, note-taking tips, essay-writing seminars, test-taking sessions, time management, and stress relief techniques to name a few.

Cultural & Spiritual Awareness

Residence is delighted to have students of various backgrounds, nationalities, cultures, races, religions, and orientations. Since we share this space, we should learn about each other and increase our awareness about the world around us. This is accomplished through an atmosphere of positive contact and mutual respect. Students learn about our similarities and differences in a variety of ways, from multicultural fairs and language lessons to sharing world news and political awareness.

Environmental Awareness and Sustainability

Students are aware more than ever of their physical world around them, and their respective footprints on this planet. Lakehead is situated in a wonderful, natural setting that allows students to enjoy our nature. This section should give students an understanding of the environment and how it works. What is around them, what is on our campus and beyond and how do they impact it.

Career and Job Preparation

Students come to university to achieve a goal. Part of that goal is acquiring a job or career. Career and Job preparation help students find summer jobs, write resumes, explore the career market, and learn basic but necessary communication skills such as writing and computer literacy which will aid them as they navigate and negotiate their way through the career and work market.

Physical Fitness

It is important that students remain well-rounded at school and do not forget about the non-academic side of university. Educating about and encouraging healthy living is an important part of a student's life. This by no means suggests that students should be constantly training, but to allow them opportunities to think about their bodies, and what they can do to aid them in living a healthy lifestyle. This can include working out, hiking, playing organized or recreational sports, going to the climbing wall, etc.


Lakehead Campus has easily accessible trails and Students have access to the Wolf Den


Health and Wellness

Living the student life can be stressful at the best of times. That is why it is a good idea to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This can include anything from physical or psychological or social well-being. It could include things like using alcohol wisely and following safe sex methods. We are all born with just one body, so helping students to look after theirs is what this is all about.

Residence Life encourages students to make appointments with Student Health and Wellness.  

Residence Committees

Students are both welcome and encouraged to get involved in any of the following committees and groups. Get involved, have fun and meet people!




Students on the media committee will assist the Media Coordinator with footage at events, social media contests and other social media tasks.


The Sports Representatives are required to keep the house informed as to when Res Sports are taking place. The day of Res Sports, it's a great idea for them to go around your house door-to-door to wake people up and get them to the lounge to walk over together. Sports Representatives may be responsible for helping in the organization or refereeing of tournaments and/or minor sports throughout the year. The Sports Representative will attend weekly meetings with the sports committee to know what's going on around residence and relay this information to their house.


These members are social representatives that work closely with the House Presidents in charge of this committee to plan a variety of events from movie nights to holiday related activities and so on. The events run by this committee relies a great deal on the committee members. There is a lot of room for creativity and fun!


The position requires approximately one house per week of a student's time. This committee works on the environmental aspects of residence. They may organize recycling campaigns, outdoor clean up and any other initiatives the committee wants to take on. They will also be working with some Resident Assistants to help with Residence-wide programming.


This committee is responsible for the organization and execution of all charity events that occur in Residence. There are many successful events that have been run in the past, but the committee has a lot of freedom to choose new projects to help our community.

Student Development Committee

This committee plans and promotes AMPED, the Residence Life Student Conference for the school year. They are also encouraged to run other leadership opportunities for students throughout the year.