Lakehead University Student Relief Fund

Lakehead University Student Relief Fund

The Lakehead University Student Relief Fund helps support Lakehead University students who have been impacted by COVID-19. 

The intent of the program is to provide assistance to help with living costs, unexpected travel requirements, food security, or other unforeseen/unexpected expenses or challenges that may have resulted from being impacted by COVID-19. 

How to Apply

The application process is a two-step process,

Step 1: you are required to submit an application to the COVID fund here:

Step 2: you will be sent an email confirming the receipt of your application and further request for you to submit a second application that provides a breakdown of your expenses.  This will be submitted through the myAwards portal (


Once submitted, applications are assessed and reviewed by a team of reviewers.


From the point of first submission until the final assessment and notification, the entire process will take approximately 3 weeks to receive, submit, review, assess, and award.


Students must have been registered as a Lakehead University student in either the Winter 2020 (to qualify for Winter 2020 funding), and/or the Spring/Summer 2020 (to qualify for Spring/Summer 2020 funding), or registered for the Fall/Winter 2020/21 academic year (to qualify for Fall/Winter 2020/21 funding) to be considered.

Dynamic Approach

Understandably, the need of a student may change after submitting an application.  You may always outreach to Student Central ( and request that your application be re-opened as your financial situation may have changed.  This will only be considered if you are registered for a current term, and you have not received previous funding.

One-time Award

The COVID relief fund is intended to provide a one-time payout to help students overcome uncertainties as a result of being impacted by COVID.  This may be a result of lack of work, contracting the virus and requiring self-isolation, or other impacts as may be presented.

Ineligible expenses

Outstanding fees to the institution are deemed ineligible expenses (e.g. outstanding or upcoming tuition payment, ancillary fees, or any fee that may have been assessed by a Lakehead University department).