Lakehead University Environmental Laboratory

Office Information
     Location: Lakehead's Centennial Building (CB 3022)
     Phone: 807-343-8368
     If you have any questions regarding how we can serve you, please feel free to call the laboratory.
The Lakehead University Environmental Laboratory offers chemical analysis of soils, foliage, water and wastewaters. The laboratory supports both teaching and research at Lakehead University, offering access to production based analytical methods. The laboratory demonstrates proficiency through the NWRI proficiency testing program as well as the Brooks Rand Labs proficiency testing program. Clients can be assured of accurate results because the laboratory is accredited to ISO 17025 for many water tests, and mercury, methylmercury and metals in biological samples (see for a complete scope).
Dr. Peter Lee, the Academic Director has research interests in wetlands management, toxicology and limnology. He has developed specialized techniques including image analysis for characterization of aquatic sediments, aquatic plant aquaculture and plant toxicology-bioassay which have proven to be valuable for wetlands management. His graduate students are currently working on projects which include mine pit remediation and diagnosis of pulp and paper industry toxicology.