Tour of the Environmental Laboratory - LUEL

The laboratory is located on the third floor of the Centennial Building near the double elevators and is composed of three sections located near CB3022.

The Laboratory Supervisor is Johane Joncas. She can be reached at (807) 343-8368.

Laboratory Information Management System

Test data is processed through a laboratory information management system called LUCLIMS which was developed at the university. Samples are logged into LUCLIMS, bench sheets produced and data then fed back into the system typically through data files to minimize transcription errors.

Most instruments in the laboratory have the capability of writing data directly to computer based files. Both balances are also connected.

Autoanalyzer Skalar SAN-System

Colorimetry methods can be performed automatically including in-line distillation, in-line UV digestion, colour developing, and spectrophotometric measurement. The system provides automated analysis of Total P, DOC, DIC, Total N, TKN, NO3+NO2, PO4, and NH3-N.

Cyanide Analyzer

This instrument is an attachment to the Skalar Autoanalyzer and includes in-line distillation, UV-digestor and a colorimetry measurements module (Total CN, Free CN, WAD-CN, SCN).

Autotitrator / Autosampler Mettler (DL53)

The titrator is equipped with a sample turntable, providing automated measurement for pH and alkalinity in aqueous solutions.

Mettler Toledo SevenMulti

This unit is used to measure conductivity and pH.

Mettler DO meter / SevenGoPro SG9

This unit measures dissolved O2 based on optical RDO (upgraded dissolved Ox) technology. The unit also utilizes an optical dissolved oxygenmeter with and Intelligent Sensor Management system (ISM) to provide measurement accuracy.


The inductively coupled argon plasma spectrometer (ICAP/ICP) is a valuable tool for rapid, multi-element determinations in a variety of of dissolved samples. The laboratory has Varian Vista Pro CCD with simultaneous ICP-OES. 

Ion Chromatograph (IC) Dionex Dx 120 & Dionex ICS 1100

These units are equipped for measurement of low level ammonia and sulfur speciation, as well as the measurement of routine anions in water and aqueous solution. 

Brooks Rand (mercury & methylmercury detector)

This unit allows detection of mercury and methylmercury measured in nanograms per litre. 

Research Spectrophotometers

The Instrumentation Laboratory operates two dual beam, research grade, spectrophotometers. The instruments are used by researchers and students for a variety of colorimetry based tests including phosphorus, sulphate and chlorophyll and have been used to study colouring in gem stones. Pulp and paper chemists have used the instrument for studies of lignin. Both instruments use the Cary WinUV software. 

Preparation Facilities

CEM MARS xpress is equipped with various vessel types to accommodate a wide variety of samples.

  • Closed high pressure for difficult to dissolve matrices.

  • Closed reflux for most biological samples.

  • Open reflux for water and easily dissolved matrices.

A microwave assisted digestor is also available for all sample types.

Major research equipment such as IC, ICAP and colorimeters are located in the Instrumentation Laboratory located in CASES FB1017. The Environmental Laboratory was a major contributor for both the IC and the ICAP.